Monday, June 18, 2012

Evan wises up on 5th birthday

Evan’s real birthday is tomorrow.  Since yesterday was Father’s Day, Kim decided to celebrate all together with homemade ice cream and cake. 

I will set up this little video.   Evan wore his Iron Man costume birthday present from cousins Trent & Carly in Colorado all day.  So, it wasn’t unusual he had it on during the traditional song and candles.  It is important to watch the older brothers at the beginning of the song.  It is obvious they are going to blow the candles out before Evan gets a chance.  However, watch closely toward the end of the song.  It takes five years, but Evan has figured it out.  I have to say, this little video  may set a precedence in candle blowing with the brothers.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Topeka Tin Man – Team Hoobler

Aaron, Marc and Kim after the event. 


Aaron swam first.  He is a strong swimmer. And, looking like he is in the lead of his “white cap” heat.



I took five or six pictures of bikers—none of them Marc.  Somehow I completely missed him.  Here is Kim coming in after 7.8 miles.  


They completed the course in 2:03:39 placing them fifth in team competition in their first year.  Congratulations!   IMG_0470-1