Saturday, May 05, 2012

Good time today

The Internet is extremely slow here so won't be putting up any pictures. The wine tour so far has had some amazing food. They give the recipes so I'll share later. Our favorite was a humus dip but the raspberry/blueberry muffins were a close second. Dan reminded me how good the asparagus/mushroom quiche was this morning. Of course they pair wine with each as well.

A few more wine trail visits tomorrow and then it's head home.

Hoped to see the Super Moon tonight, but it seems to be getting cloudy here.

Coffee before wine!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Got something up our sleeve for this weekend

I’m not giving it away just yet but I’ll put up three pictures as clues.






Should be fun!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April Showers bring May flowers

It is thundering outside as I write this.  We have over an inch of rain in our gauge from the past two days.  Everything is loving it, including the grass and garden.

We have spring fever here.  We spent the entire day cleaning in the barn.  By tomorrow evening, it should be very much improved. 

Dan called today to see if the metal recyclers take old plows.  Yes, and are currently paying $210 a ton.  They pay a bit more for plows because of the iron quality.  Still, it isn’t that much more so we might make a couple trips this week at that price. 

I also just finished taking a picture of the month of April.  A picture of the calendar to be specific.    Each month I take a picture of the calendar and put it in a folder in my computer.  Then throw the actual paper away. 

It was an eventful weekend—lots of eating.  Saturday night neighbors Tom & Christi had a fish fry.  Then Sunday we attended a covered dish.  Last night we were supposed to meet Chip at the pasture to inspect our milkweed.  He wants to harvest some for his Monarch research.  It was raining so we ended up at our house with wine & cheese.