Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great weekend to visit

I am thinking about family and friends in Kansas right now.  The radar looks bad.  I bet our weather radios are going off every five minutes.

It was forecast to be a cool, rainy day here, but this morning was beautiful.  Trent had another baseball game at 11:30.  Doug said it was nice.  We watched Trent last night and it was cold.  A damp wind came off the mountains and Dan & I weren’t dressed for it.  Trent played a good game.  He has a good arm and is a good hitter. 

P4130075 Today we got to see Carly in her first gymnastics meet.  She did very well.  In fact, she got 2nd overall in her age group!  Her club got second overall in the meet. Drue got her flowers.   We were proud.


Doug put a turkey on the grill.  The picture is the previous post.  All he did was season it and lay it on the grill with nothing around it.  He did have a pan underneath to catch a lot of the drippings.  It worked great.

As I finish this post, it is thundering here in Monument, Colorado.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tweets coming

We're visiting the Colorado family for a few days. I'll be putting some updates on the Twitter feed on the top left. Will probably be posting a few pictures as well.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fixing Fence in the Flint Hills

At 8:15 am we were loaded and ready.  Our destination is a well maintained flint hill pasture near Skiddy, Kansas.  Wayne, Rod (brother and nephew) and a couple men who own adjacent pastures were already there when we finally arrived at 9:45.  You would think we could drive directly to the pasture, but once again we made a wrong turn. 

Wayne & Rod already had finished the preliminary setting of corner posts and steel posts.  We were there only to help clip the barbed wire to the posts—about a total mile of wire.  Needless to say, Dan and I were tired.  Just another work day for the others.  No wonder rural farm people are so healthy.

P4100063-1 One of the fences.

P4100065Wildflowers in bloom

P4100060  Rod & daughter Emmy Sue catching a few  bass at the end of the day.P4100062Also, there were cookies and drinks—cold ones—with Ruth, Kaylene & Ken

P4100070-1 We parked our camper in the middle of the pasture.  I stirred up some sweet potatoes and asparagus with a little wine.  We ate to a chores of owls, coyotes, and black birds & frogs at a nearby pond.

IMG_6657_thumb[1] Then it was quiet. Very quiet. We love our opportunity to spend a night out here once a year.

It was cool and breezy this morning.   We didn’t see any prairie chicken this year.  They are there, though.  A professor comes to the pasture each morning to count and observe.  We didn’t disturb them or her. 

Home by noon.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Visiting Haley Rae in Lawrence

It was our pleasure to meet for the first time today Haley Rae.  Laura and her husband Ric were up from Houston, Texas for Easter.  We received a surprise call this morning that they were shopping on Mass in Lawrence and would we want to meet them for lunch.




Haley Rae has the sweetest smile and disposition.  Today I only had my old camera and it has just enough lag that I missed capturing one.  Still, I really like this picture.  Fun day

By the way, we ate at a new restaurant located on downtown Mass street in Lawrence called “ingredient”.  Good food.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Sunrise Service


The moon didn’t want to be left out of the celebration.


Sun rising on cue


Youth had a relevant message


Picture taken on the way home.  The cool morning makes it clear where there is water.

Easter thought


I picked this up from my cousin Connie on Facebook.  It has a powerful Easter message for me.