Thursday, March 15, 2012


No, we haven’t found any morels.  I think it is still too early.  Vern, Dan’s wise friend,  says morels won’t make an appearance until the leaves on Red Bud trees are the size of a mouse ear.  Our Red Buds are starting to burst with color.  I better inspect the leaves.

I did find this mushroom yesterday.


Checking  “The Practical Mushroom Encyclopedia” on my bookshelf, I believe it is an early stage Shaggy Parasol mushroom.  Good to eat and dry.  Still, I would never eat anything except morels because I am not a absolute identifier and mushrooms can be deadly.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Documenting a beautiful day


I’ve heard it said that these unusually warm days might mean another hot summer.  I would think it might mean a mild summer.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought there was an average temperature that usually doesn’t vary too much.  So, if we have a mild winter, could it mean a mild summer as well?

Who cares?  I say we enjoy each of these days as they happen.

Monday, March 12, 2012

This, That and What Not

Most who read this journal know us, or have figured out we live out, rural.  The closest town is around 15 miles.  That is why it is amazing to me that we have so much talent close by.  Enjoy neighbor Eric on the bassoon.

What a beautiful day.  Dan and I had our first “sit in the lawn chairs and have a beer break” today.  As usual, we looked up and spotted a jet.  Then came the speculation.  It’s too high for St Louis.  Isn’t pointed north enough for Chicago.  Could be Indianapolis.  Maybe it’s a coast to coast.  Could have taken off at Denver and just reached altitude.  Are we the only ones who speculate on airplanes?  We know KCI because if they are landing there, we can see the colors on the plane, at least we can tell Southwest.

Looked out the window this morning and saw a long line of turkeys, single file, parading across the back fence.  Not unusual to see turkeys, but not all in a single line.

Seed potatoes…on my list.