Thursday, January 26, 2012

An unusual tree

We were driving through north Topeka yesterday and had to turn around to get this picture. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Swans again

Just a short note to report Kim and family spotted the three swans on their lake this evening.  Kim said there were geese there as well and the swans looked huge next to the geese.    The lake was lightly frozen and the swans were sitting in small open spots with their heads under their wing.   She said three years ago a pair of swans came through so maybe it isn’t so unusual.  Still exciting to me. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Old Movies

We have  VCR tapes.  A lot of them. 

It seems ridiculous that we still have them.  Most people have moved on to DVD, blue ray and digital.   We have a dvd player and a few movies.  But it’s the tapes that take up a whole shelf in the basement closet.  We’ve picked up used movies at garage sales and pawn shops (who doesn’t love a pawn shop full of old movies).

One incentive that brings me back to walking on a treadmill is watching a movie.  It works especially well if I make myself split the movie into two walking times.  That way I look forward to what has to be the most boring walk there is.

Years back, I walked each day without fail.  And, I went through that shelf of movies probably more than once.  This winter, I’m trying to get back to the habit.  So, I’m back to watching movies on the shelf. 

Tonight I finished 1987’s Dirty Dancing with a young Jennifer Gray and, sadly, Patrick Swayze.  Great music and that movie has to have the best dance/love scenes of any before or since.  Another old movie worth a rewatch is 1997’s Rainmaker with Matt Damon, Claire Danes and Danny Devito.  It’s hard to believe An Officer and a Gentleman with Richard Gere and Debra Winger was made in 1982.  And Tom Cruise in Top Gun 1986. Other Richard Gere movies, 1990 Pretty Woman and 1993 Sommersby.  And other  Tom Cruise movies, Jerry McGuire, Days of Thunder, Risky Business and Cocktail and I think Rain Man is down there.  At one point, I was accumulating Robin Williams movies such as  Dead Poets Society, Mrs Doubtfire, Awakenings.

I can’t forget two I can’t ever watch too many times, Bridges of Madison County and  The Big Chill.

Definitely, there are lots of good movies I don’t have.  The library has a  selection of old, old movies such as Gone With the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia, Easy Rider and Giant. 

Old movies are great.  I think there is a certain satisfaction in knowing how a movie ends.  Half the time, I can’t remember how it ends.  I’m sure if I looked at my stash, there would be some great ones I forgot.  Add to the list if you like.  I need some inspiration.