Saturday, September 10, 2011

Butterfly Open House

The grandboys and I attended the Monarch Watch open house this morning.  Lots of educational exhibits, flowers, caterpillars and, yes, Monarch butterflies


Especially interesting to see a butterfly just about to break freeIMG_2395 This young lady was in the pavilion the same time as Aaron, Adam and Evan.  The butterflies especially flocked to her.

IMG_2385 - Copy

Thursday, September 08, 2011

El Divo (Divine Male Performer in Italian)

Am I the only one who has not heard this group before?  They have sold 26 million albums world wide. 

El Divo are four multinational male singers who form an “operatic pop” vocal group.  It was the idea of Simon Cowell of American Idol fame and the group is signed to his label.  The singers are Spanish baritone Carlos Marin,  Swiss tenor Urs Bühler,  American tenor David Miller, and French pop singer Sébastien Izambard.

Neighbors and friends, Tom and Christi showed us their DVD of this performance this evening.  I have never heard Amazing Grace sung this magnificently.  Guaranteed chills. 

Note:  depending on your connection, you might have to pause the song to let it load, I know I have to.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

First Christmas decoration 2011


This poinsettia could also be called the last decoration from Christmas 2010.  Actually there were two small plants put together into this red pot this spring.  They’ve been outside on a east porch all summer. 

Soon I’ll bring the pot into the enclosed porch and let the natural day/night sequence do it’s wonder.   We’ll see how it looks when I  post a picture at Christmas. 

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Big 12 is falling apart

Sounds true.

First article I read in an Oklahoma paper likened the University of Texas exclusive television contract with ESPN to Frankenstein's monster.  After Nebraska and Colorado left the conference last year, Texas was “allowed” the exclusive network so they would stay and essentially keep the Big 12 conference together.  Because of how this network has worked out first A&M, then Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are leaving.  This puts Texas in a bad situation.  So,  the contract “Monster” that started the whole thing might have to be destroyed because Texas may not be able to take it with them when they leave as well. 

ESPN ran a story that says the Board of Regents prefers KU and KSU, along with Missouri, stay together.

Then a KU sports writer writes something to the effect of not letting KSU pull down KU.  They have their basketball program and any conference should be wanting them—without KSU.   OK, here comes the “just wait until basketball” theme from Lawrence.  This makes me wonder if KU can show there is more attendance revenue than KSU adding together both sports.  Of course, in all of this, fans from either school don’t have any meaning or input.  I, for one, would really hate to see the Kansas schools go different directions.

This story from Kansas City is true for sure.  A bust up of the Big 12 would hurt Kansas City sports revenue.

This story, again from Oklahoma, just made me mad.  First, they likened Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 for the Pac 12 to the Dust Bowl migration to California.  Then it quoted Stoops as saying he would enjoy playing the teams on the west coast, especially his brother in Arizona.  Once again, even “walk on water” Stoops won’t be coaching forever, unless the afore mentioned is actually true. 

KSU, KU and Missouri have an open invitation to the Big East.  At least it was mentioned in several of these articles.


Wednesday morning:  Can you believe there is word KU and Missouri are working together to get into the same conference?  If football facilities make a difference, KSU has a much better sports complex for the bigger schools.

Here’s another interesting article

Monday, September 05, 2011

It all adds up

Last Friday we thought this weekend would be quiet, hot and low key.  Turned out it was noisy, cool and just a little routy.  But it all added up to a great weekend.

The end of last week, we got a call from Card friend Marty.  She had two extra KSU football tickets!   Since Marty got the tickets, I took care of the tail gate.  If you’ve tailgated or planned a picnic, you know how hit and miss it can be.  Saturday was a hit.  We found a great place to park not too far from the stadium.   We put up shade, pulled out the lawn chairs and beer while waiting on the charcoal. I made potato salad, baked beans and bought good brats from HyVee.   We ate, put everything away and walked into the stadium exactly one hour early as planned.   It cooled off, the fire works was beautiful, and, well….we won the game, barely.  Home by midnight. 

Sunday morning I got an email from Chip requesting tomato worms.  He is gathering educational opportunities for the KU Monarch Watch open house Saturday, September 10th.  So, the tomato worm thing because a mission.  Our neighbor Skeet was here for lunch.  He ended up going home and bringing back even more.  There must have been 30 in an old fish tank.  I kept throwing in tomato leaves in and they kept munching away.  Chip picked them up last night—I should have taken a picture.  Only their Momma could love them.

Today, we visited friends James and Laura to see their new home.  They have always wanted a few acres in the country.  Their new little 9 acre farm  located north of Kansas City is perfect for them.  Tour, another couple beers,  lunch by their chiminea and home.  We stopped by to check on Evan briefly.  He’s healing.  I told him tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the day he feels like new. 

Oh, I almost forgot, dove season opened over the weekend.  These two knew where to hide.

IMG_2375-1And, look who visited our clothesline.  Haven’t seen a scissor tailed  flycatcher in a while.