Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy 60th anniversary




My first cousins, Clayton and Marge are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today.  There are five first cousin families, children of my Dad and his siblings.  We were all able to make the celebration.  I hope we look this good at 60 years together.

We enjoyed our visit at Nelson’s Landing in Leonardville Kansas which is located north and west of Manhattan KS.  Nelson’s Landing is owned by Jordy Nelson’s family.   Jordy you might remember was a star at Kansas State University before his standout year with the Green Bay Backers.  Leonardville has a population of less than 500 but is proud of their native son on the cover of Sports Illustrated pictured on the city web site.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Western movie genre

It’s midnight and we just finished watching The Searchers, a 1956 western staring John Wayne and directed by John Ford.  This movie is considered by many to be the best western ever made.

It was an excellent movie.  The main character played by John Wayne who I supposed at first to be good seems to lose that white hat image as the movie progresses.  

We are a part of a discussion group at our church centered around the western movie genre.  It’s been interesting.

Western movies have good and bad, often involving a moral journey.  There are bigger than life leaders who struggle with right and wrong and conflicts within groups of people who only want to live in peace.  The discussions are surprisingly appropriate for this Lenten period.

The only problem has been that Dan and I have trouble hearing in the group setting.  So, we tried renting this week’s movie from Amazon and watching it on my computer screen.  It was the first time I have done that and it worked great.  Excellent picture and sound. 

Old movies are long.  Where we are used to 90 minute action packed flicks, most of these run over two hours.  

Monday, April 04, 2011

Hail yes we’re home

This is the second time a storm has hit while we are off tripsing down the road.  This is what our neighbor found in our yard—maybe an hour after the storm!200773_1327563926640_1757198282_562624_520835_n

It was dark when we got home but it appears the two old vehicles that were parked out might be OK.  Everything else was under cover.  Tomorrow we’ll check the roof and siding. 

I receive a text message from the Lawrence Journal World when there is severe weather in the area.  Sure made us feel helpless to get that message ten hours from home.   Thank you to neighbors Tom & Christi for making sure no windows were broken.

The drive today went well.  I have pictures and thoughts about our trip that I look forward to sharing. 

Meanwhile, at the corner where we turned to enter the long drive to Colorado Bend State Park (in Texas but on the Colorado River) there was a little bait shop with this sign:


Well, notice Bad Bob has a web site.  And (surprise, surprise) he has t-shirts.   Still, you have to love his fish pictures and up-to-date weather at the river.   Now I’m sorry we didn’t stop.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Lots to write about but will wait until I get home except…..


Blue Bonnet!

Just heard there was a big storm at our place—quarter size hail.  Should be home by tomorrow night.  Will post more then.