Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two days till the date

No more excuses.  It’s time to quit procrastinating.  Turn my back on the computer.  Dive in.   My tax appointment is Tuesday.

With only two days left, it’s time to get it organized.  It sounds like tomorrow will be cold and wet.  No temptations to go outside and dig in the dirt.  

I will have to watch KU tomorrow.  Of course, I am a KSU fan, but they are out and KU is on a roll.  Their bracket so far has not been a challenge and they are playing loose. 

I found a package of old fashioned (can’t think of a better word) popcorn in the freezer.  I’ll post a picture of it when I pop some for the game.  Very unusual size—small and delicious. 

Off to bed, lots going on.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Empty Nest Feathers: Phone Messages: A Primer

Empty Nest Feathers: Phone Messages: A Primer: "Over long years of having people leave messages on my phone, and frantically trying to remember numbers and names and exactly what actions t..."

Look what Ellie found


Actually, she found the little treat I put in the asparagus patch so I could take her picture.  She has been our guest for a few days while Kim & Marc are skiing.  What a cute little dog.  We’re trying not to become too attached.  Her upbeat personality makes it hard.

The asparagus were a great find today.  It is supposed to get down in the 20s tonight so the first ones will have some freeze burn.  There will be more.  I don’t like to freeze asparagus, so we have it about every day while in season.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best way to mail overnight

We are home from Colorado.  It was a quick, busy visit.  Although the camper was delivered as promised, it was without all the paperwork.  As usual, in my hurry to leave, I forgot something important. 

So, this morning it was off to Lawrence to overnight the information.  Speed was important because the new owners want to use the the little bugger this weekend.

I am not sure of the total weight of the papers I needed to mail.  I think they must have been around a pound.  It was the transfer papers and all the information about appliances, etc in the camper.

Of course,  the USPS is near and dear to me.  Still, I needed speed and when I called my Berryton Post Office, they said Cripple Creek (new owner’s address) is only guaranteed for two day delivery.  So, it was off to the competitors.

Fed Ex said they could get my package there overnight—late afternoon or evening delivery.  It would be $49.95!

UPS said, of course they could get my package there overnight—only not until late afternoon.  Also $49.95!!

Back to the USPS (that’s United States Postal Service).  The friendly (much more than the other two places) clerk brought out the flat rate Express Mail envelope, we were able to get everything in and it was $18.30.  True, it won’t get there until Thursday.  But, my guess is a quick call to the Cripple Creek Post Office and the package can be picked up at 8:00 am. 

The other two services could get the envelope there overnight, but if it was needed for a business transaction as mine was, it could not be taken care of until the next day due to late delivery.

USPS has excellent service for the money.  I am sorry I doubted it.   

Monday, March 21, 2011

Beer or Wine?

A better question might be why choose?  Both will do.

Tradition is when our family meets, we have liquid refreshments available.  No one drinks too much, but usually there is an ice chest someplace.

Dan and I tend to drink what our kids call bland, Michelob Ultra.  When I put the question to the four of them as to their favorite beer, here was the answer:

Doug, Guinness (Irish Stout)   Drue, Sunshine Wheat by New Belgium (brewed in Ft Collins CO)

Marc, Stella Artois (Italian beer)  Kim, Fat Tire (Amber Ale also by New Belgium)

Then there is wine.  There are always new bottles.  The only thing the family agrees on is not to pay too much per bottle.  Dan and I set our limit at $10 to $12.

This trip, we stopped by the Smoky Hill Vineyards and Winery tasting room at the Wilson exit on I70.  We purchased four bottles since it was “Four Bottle Friday” discount.  (There is also a “Wino Wednesday” discount as well).

Everyone was pleasantly surprised with our selections:

Simply Red $11.95  a very smooth wine that satisfied the whole gambit of preferred red wine tastes in our group.

Chardonnal $10.95 a blend of three grapes.  All liked its smooth finish

Prairie Sunset $9.95 the web site calls it a versatile blush (I like the name too) It did not get opened

For those counting, we bought two bottles of the Chardonnal as it was 30 percent off on top of the four bottle discount. 

As most know we also enjoy Missouri wine.  Perhaps we should take another look at our home state’s wine.  After all, prior to prohibition, Kansas was one of the largest grape producers in the Nation.  And, as we all know, Free State Beer (Lawrence) and Boulevard Beer (Kansas City) are excellent as are many of the other microbrewery beers in the state.