Friday, February 25, 2011

Kid’s three course meal

Grandkids are here for supper.  Usually, I set the table, fix drinks and gather them all around.  Tonight it is just the three of them and Dan and I.  No parents to make sure they are eating properly.  So,

First course, thin slices roast beef, grated cheese, salsa and a little lettuce on a flour tortilla heated for 22 seconds.

Second course, cinnamon rolls, hot out of the oven.

Third course, hot brownies and ice cream. 

All eaten in the livingroom in front of the television.


Group dynamics

We are not water fowl hunters.  For those who do hunt, our valley, with its numerous excavated wetland areas, has a wealth of all species of geese and ducks.  For now, the numerous moving “Vs” overhead have no worries.  They move east and west up and down the valley, perhaps in a holding pattern for their journey north.

There is a small, nearly silted in pond behind our house.  We have not spotted bird activity on the pond for a long time.  Just over the hill is a big marsh and then the river.   However, his was the scene this morning.

IMG_0024 There is some open water and it looked good to a couple birds, then a couple more until this was the scene.

IMG_0021-1 More and more came in until it was extremely crowded.

I understand now why water fowl hunters have decoys and calls.  Although there were no humans nearby, the decision by a few that this was a good place to land,  eventually created a very crowded area in a place that is usually deserted.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Backing up this blog

Recently I read a on-line article stressing the need to back up a blog, the reason being that the person writing the essay lost all old posts and comments on their blog.  They  disappeared into….who knows where, probably deleted.

I use “blogger” as the format for my blog.  Blogger is a Google program.  It is free and very easy to set up.  A search on Google will bring it all up.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to back up a Google blog.  As far as I can tell, there are multiple ways this can be done, none easy or fast.  Well, actually the provision blogger now has is fast.  All you do is on into the blogger’s dashboard and click on “edit posts” then “settings.”  Then under blog tools, click on “export blog” and then there is an opportunity to put it in a file.   Supposedly, the blog is backed up.  Only there really is no way to check because it is unreadable computer writing.  I guess I want to know for sure every post is there.

Then I experimented with another way suggested in a search of the subject.  This was more or less a copy and paste situation.  Painfully slow.  Still, in the end, it might be the best.  I would need to do a few each day. 

Most of the time I use Windows Live Writer which is a great blogging tool and it automatically backs up each post.  I’ve only known about this program for a few years, though.

There are third party programs available that might be just the ticket.   With millions of bloggers out there, there must be an easy way save blog posts.