Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day in Kansas


What is there to do on a snow day?  How about Jigglers?


or remembering summIMG_9741erIMG_6977

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Golf anyone—I’ve got the wood


That’s supposed to be clever but the joke might be on me because I don’t know much about golf.  I am thinking there is a wood club.  (One way to know if something isn’t clever is if it has to be explained.)

We got out first thing this morning and cut about a half pickup load of wood.  It’s a good thing because just as we walked in the house around 11:00 am, it started snowing and still is.

We use the golf cart to transport wood from the pickup to the wood rack behind the house.  The cart goes surprisingly well in the snow even without a load of wood. It is fun and quite beautiful to quietly move about when the world is asleep under a blanket of white.


Despite bad conditions, Paul and Janice came down and shared a casserole and warm fire.  We always have a lot to talk about.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is this?


If you said apple, I’m elated.

If you said apple canister, you are one of my kids.

A friend of mine is an artist.  She has won prizes at the Kansas State Fair among other venues.   We have a couple of her paintings in hanging in our livingroom. One I particularly cherish is a garden with a lawn chair.  Skye is in the chair and Lucy is curled beside.  I guess we’ve had this picture quite a while because both dogs were alive when she painted it.

Obviously, the apple is not her drawing.  It is mine.  I had my first art lesson in my life today.  Debbie and I are meeting once a week for a couple of months in my kitchen.  We will have coffee and she is instructing me on beginning art techniques.  I seriously doubt if I ever progress beyond pencil drawing.  That is OK because I really would just like to be able to look at something and draw it—sketch might be a better word. 

Debbie says I will want to move beyond pencils.  We’ll see.  For now, I am wearing down my eraser faster than the pencil lead.  My assignment is to practice shading. 

So far, it is fun.  If it  becomes work, I’ll stick with the camera.

Not missing that hum

When we built our house in 1978, we put track lighting in the kitchen.   Several years ago (probably more like 10) we decided to replace the tracks mainly because the spot type replacement bulbs were expensive and weren’t efficient.  Dan made a “L” shaped drop down case which holds four 8’ fluorescent bulbs—a definite improvement in the kitchen lighting.

At the time he did this, one of the fixtures hummed.  Truthfully, I only noticed it for a short time when I turned the light on.   All in all, I did not think too much about it.

Last week, one of the fixtures, not the one that hummed, went out.  We finally decided it was time to pay Home Depot a visit and invest in two new fixtures and address that hum.  Dan installed them today. 

What a difference!   Totally quiet.

It’s amazing how understanding our brains seem to be about annoying low level sounds.  All this time, that hummm was there, but I really did not notice it enough to be irritated.  At least I don’t think it bothered me.  I certainly notice that it’s not there now. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carly pulling her first tooth

Jack Parr honored at KSU basketball game today

Our friends Dwight and Cheryl Wicker were given four tickets to the KSU vs Texas Tech game today in Manhattan.  They shared them with us.  How nice was that.

Final score was 94-60, KSU.  The Cats played like they had something to prove.  It was an exciting game to watch.

During halftime they honored the “Legions of KSU Basketball Past.”  Among those was Jack Parr who had a standout career at Kansas State from 1954 until 1958. 

This is a picture from the Chapman High School 1964 yearbook.  Each spring there was an Athletic Banquet.


He made an impression on all of us that night.

It happened he was sitting only a couple rows in front of us today.  I asked him if I could take his picture.  Afterward I told him that I remembered his message that evening in Chapman, Kansas, 47 years ago.  He seemed pleased.