Saturday, December 04, 2010

It’s the thought


The tree ornaments in this picture, the crocheting around Christmas tree balls, are three of a dozen given to me over a period of several years by a customer on my former mail route.  It is hard to tell by the picture, but they are slightly cream colored thread over white balls—very beautiful.

Above one of the balls, barely visible, is a heart made of clay that is one of six that Kim made years ago.  Just out of the picture are unique Santa ornaments given to me by Drue.     No matter how I decide to decorate the tree, these ornaments are my favorite.  All were made or purchased just for me. 

Each year when I hang them on my Christmas tree, I have a thought that I should make similar handmade or notice a theme on friend’s trees and purchase an ornament as a thoughtful “thinking of you”  gift.  As they get their decorations out they would know,  as I do about the people who gave me these,  that I am thinking about them not only during the Holidays, but year around. 

I should remember, though,  “Good thoughts don’t make good deeds.”

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Peak Physical Therapy



Peak Physical Therapy is Kim’s new business.  It has been her goal since graduation from Creighton University with her DPT that she would open her own clinic.

It has happened as of the middle of November.  I thought I would wait to post about it when her web site is complete.  I will link to that later. 

Dan helped with some carpentry work and I painted but it was mostly the work of Kim with lots of help from Marc.  She did a good job planning and picking colors.  I think it is an upbeat, yet professional office.

It is located in Barrington Village on west 29th street in Topeka.  I believe she is planning an open house when she is settled in.  

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hallelujah Chorus

This video has had almost 3 1/2 million views so chances are you have seen it.  If not, it is definitely worth the time to watch it. 

Any who attended Chapman High School during the 50’s thru the 70’s or 80’s, probably participated in the Christmas Vespers.  It was a whole school tradition.  Also, the tradition was to sing the Hallelujah Chorus as a finale.   Mr. Miller, the long time and highly respected music teacher who led the chorus during this time died this year.  I am sure many who participated in the tradition under his leadership will remember him fondly but with sadness when they hear this beautiful song.

Unfortunately, I am not a talented musical person.  However, I did sing the alto part in the Hallelujah Chorus and still remember some of the part. 


Sunday, November 28, 2010

I’m going with it

I’ve spent the past three hours staring at this computer trying to figure out how to manage our health care.  It seems most companies are going “green” so only mail information needed for informed decisions upon request.  At this point, I’ve waited too long for that to work.

The reason I’m looking at health care closer this year is that I will be on Medicare in the early part of 2011.  I decided early on, that a supplemental policy is needed for the best coverage.  So, after reading forums, information provided by insurance companies and deciding how much to spend, I’m going with a basic Blue Cross/Blue Shield supplemental plan.

It is so hard to second guess health care.    On the other hand, maybe knowing would be more stressful than helpful.