Friday, November 19, 2010

Wrong plant

I doubt if anyone caught the fact that I changed the plant belonging to my Aunt from  Hydrangea to Hibiscus after it was up for several hours.   Hydrangeas get so big, I don’t know if anyone brings them inside for the winter.

I do have a story about  Hydrangeas, though.  My Mom had several around their house.  I guess they loved the spot because they flourished  with big flowers each spring.   As I remember, they were white.  Maybe a light purple. 

Anyway, we decided  we wanted a start.   Plants had started up all around the main plant so we  dug up a big clump with a nice start.

We planted it out by the barn.  Each year it got bigger but no blooms.  Something didn’t seem right about it, but I didn’t think too much about it.  We were standing out by it one spring, by then it was higher than our heads.  Dan got to looking at it and said, “No wonder it hasn’t bloomed, this is a mulberry tree.”  

I guess a bird planted a mulberry in among the Hydrangeas and it survived the transplant and the Hydrangea start did not.   I think we cut down that tree the same day.  Looking back on that incident, I feel pretty stupid.  On the other hand, it amazes me how it all happened without us figuring it out.  Dan knows trees.   The power of suggestion is strong. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Unruly plants need a little love

Up until today, I had the front entry way lined with plants,  brought in late one night when we decided the temperature was dipping too low for the blanket to protect. 

Two big pots are geraniums—not real beautiful plants, probably could be replaced next spring.  Two smaller containers have begonias and one medium pot has a green foliage type plant.   Along with those, I have a poinsettia from last Christmas, a peace lily, a huge aloe vera given to me by my niece which keeps falling over and a fig tree.   At one time or another, someone in the family has asked me why I don’t just throw all these plants out.  They bring in bugs or acquire mites.  And, by times, they look pretty rag tag.

I have trouble throwing out plants.  I am still semi grieving over the fact that I let my Aunt’s old, old double Hibiscus die.  It was very root bound and it already was in a huge pot.  It really was time to let it go.  I still don’t know why I didn’t take starts off of it, though. 

There is no history with the plants brought in from the cold.  It’s just that they are alive and have potential.  It doesn’t seem right to toss them out to freeze.  So, they are all in my livingroom corner where there’s a lot of sun.  I’ll let them settle in to their environment then I’ll post a picture.  Maybe by then last year’s poinsettia will have red leaves and the peace lily will have recovered from its “haircut.” 

They just need a little love to flourish. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Local grandkids win awards in their sports

Last Saturday, Aaron participated in a swim meet where he won first,  third and fourth in three different strokes. 


Aaron is second of the end with the blue hat.

Adam tested for his black belt the same day as the swim meet.  (There are levels of black belt and he is at the 1st).  He did well in the testing.  It requires discipline and concentration.  A lot of moves to remember.

  Here is Adam receiving his black belt.


Peter Fletcher - Amazing concert

Peter Fletcher is trained in classical guitar.  He’s played all over the United States in impressive sounding venues including Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.  Last night we heard him play for an hour and half at the Lawrence Public Library, no admission charged. 

It was an amazing concert.  Beautiful to hear, impressive to watch because of the sounds he created by his intricate fingering as well as his professional presentation.  This was one of the familiar songs he played.  Just goes to show no education or background in music is needed to appreciate beautiful music especially hearing it live.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I’m Back…

I guess there was a posse out looking for me.

It’s been busy the past few days.  We had Aaron’s swim meet, Adam tested for his Black Belt in Taekwondo.  We also met with our Card group and attended church and the all church Thanksgiving Dinner.

I’m resigned that fall in all its glory is over.  Most of the trees have lost their leaves.  The Pin Oaks are hanging on—I’m glad we have one outside our bedroom window.  We fired up our stove in the basement over the cold snap.  It makes the winter alright for me.  More on that later.

Obviously, Dan has his trail cam set up.  Most of the pictures are of the deer in the previous posts and three or four raccoons.  Be careful of the deer.  We’ve seen them out and about each time we’ve been on the road lately.

Tonight the Lawrence Public Library had a presentation on the inside passage to Alaska.  I know I’ve written before that our plan is to take the ferry up and drive back from Alaska.  We thought it might be this summer, but believe we are going to put it off another year.

Last Friday we cut enough wood to get us through the Holidays.  That feels good more ways than one.  It looks like a sunny day here.  Enjoy yours.