Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Don’t forget Carly!

  Several days ago I posted the making of a family picture.  At the time, there was so much going on that I didn’t finish the post about how it was that all our family came together at the same time. 

Actually, our Colorado family made the trip back to visit Drue’s sister and family who were here from North Carolina.   We were excited that it worked out for us to get together at Drue’s Dad’s house to celebrate Carly’s 6th birthday which is November 5th.  We like to help each of our grandkids celebrate their birthday but Carly’s is so close to the Holidays that seldom all the family is together for her party.  So, this was a real treat for us.   

  For some reason, I did not get a picture both Carly and Trent  together, nor any of the other kids gathered to sing and eat cake. 



Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Kim is 40 years old today

Kim is 22 months older than Doug and she turns 40 today.

It’s hard to believe.  Of course, she doesn’t look her age.  Really, the only people who think 40 is old anymore are 20-year-olds.  Certainly, there is a whole lot of livin’ left to be done.

I kept the Topeka State Journal (the no longer published evening paper) from the day she was born.  The top headline was, “High Court Rejects War Suit Action”  It goes on to say, “A divided Supreme Court refused today to hear a suit of Massachusetts questions the legality of U.S. military action in Vietnam.”   The war was very much on the minds of US citizens on November 9, 1970.

The other front page story, “Topekans Clean Up After Sudden Storm” and “Storm That Formed Funnel Said Freak.”  A tornado dropped down over Oakland, a northeast suburb of Topeka the evening before.   

We all know prices for groceries were cheaper then so no need to list those. 

All I know, it was a wonderful day for Dan and I.  A beautiful baby daughter came into this world.  She has been and still is a joy.


Kim with her boys, her Dad and their family dog. We celebrated Sunday evening.  I think she is looking at her husband Marc in this picture.

Kim has a big event in her, Marc and the boy’s life happening soon.  I’ll let you know in a week or so. 

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Places to see

Today I received my New York Times email with an article entitled, "Six Beaches to See Before you Die."

Something tells me these musicians will see the six beaches and all the others in the song before I do.