Thursday, November 04, 2010

Animal Drama

This is Big Boy, our handsome back yard stud. 


Tonight we watched him court his girls.

A young fawn wondering around in the high grass behind our house first caught our attention.  It boldly walked right into the yard.  Thinking it must have been kicked out by his mother, I was feeling sad.

Shortly after spotting the fawn, though, two doe were running as fast as they could across the pasture with Big Boy behind.  Then the two doe doubled back around and Big Boy stopped.  The three deer went back and forth running, stopping and just looking at each other.  Then repeating.  I thought maybe we were going to see some action, but guess this was just little courtship fun.  After watching all of this, we decided the fawn was just getting out of the way.  All of this went on until it was too dark to see.

Dan and I both commented we understand why so many deer die on the road this time of year.   If our evening drama is normal, there is a lot of crazy running around as part of the rut. 

Just between you and me, I hope Big Boy makes it through the season.  He is a beauty.   If he doesn’t, it appears there will be a couple little ones next spring that take after him.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bonnie and Wayne

I’ve been scanning in old photos probably taken by my Mom.  She loved to take pictures—guess I got it honestly.  Here is one that might be of interest to my family. Bonnie & Wayne are first cousins.   Bonnie’s grand daughter has a blog.  Click here to see how Rachael resembles her grand mother and between the two pictures, four three generations of my Dad’s family. (Rachael’s beautiful mother, Connie, is not pictured.)  This picture was taken in 1943.img021 copy

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cranes migrating south over Wakarusa Valley


This picture was taken Thursday, October 28, 2010.

The sky was moving with what we believe were Sand Hill Cranes.  I took the picture with as much telephoto as I had, then digitally enlarged again.  The sound bite does not do it justice.  They were certainly chatting to each other while moving south.

We plan to travel to Nebraska to see the cranes up close one of these years.