Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friends of the Kaw show “Tapped”

Friends of the Kaw states as their mission “to protect and preserve the Kansas River.”  The Kansas River, nicknamed Kaw,  begins in Junction City where the Smoky Hill and Republican Rivers join and ends where it joins the Missouri River at Kansas City.

Last Thursday evening we attended the Friends’ Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Liberty Hall in Lawrence.  There were four short films, most addressing water quality and resources.

“Tapped” was the last film.  This award winning Indy Film makes an impression watching the trailer.  We all know bottled water is not a wise choice.  However, I did not know there is a billion dollar industry in bottled water where big companies actually “farm” water without paying anything for it.  There is very little legislation regulating this industry that has grown primarily from advertising.  The plastic used for bottles is even another issue, both health and use of petroleum.

After seeing this movie, we hope to not buy any more bottled water.  We do find it convenient when traveling, but this summer I purchased glass jugs that can be refilled from a clean source and we have reusable drinking containers.  I carry water in the camper because I don’t like to drink the water run through our camper system.  It is a matter of getting into a habit even at home of remembering to fill reusable containers.

Lawrence Public Library has the movie to rent.  I am sure other libraries in the area do also.  I encourage all to see it.   I am sure the reason the Friends included this film in their series is that most of Topeka and possibly some of Lawrence’s drinking water is taken from the Kaw. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

And, the name of the flower is…

“It's a mum - Shefield's Pink- last plant to bloom -very frost resistant- it's having a good year - easily divided and transplanted”  said Chip.

Anyone want a start next spring?  It’s big enough to share!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just when you think it’s over

This plant has just started blooming.  There are still buds in the bigger picture.  Isn’t this the best plant ever?  It looks like a Mum—I’ll have to check with Chip because I bought it at his butterfly plant sale.  It is good for the insects because it blooms so late.  I do remember he said it is highly resistant to frost. 




Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photography workshop and a Honeymoon

Tonight I attended a photography workshop specifically about making photo books.   Even though I have made photography books before, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to hear two of Lawrence’s most gifted photographers on the subject, Mike Yoder, chief photographer for the Lawrence Journal World and Tim Forcade, with 40 years experience as an artist, painter, photographer and designer.

It was well worth the $25.  Their enthusiasm was catching.  Their examples were beautiful. 

And, not only did participants get a CD of the presentation, we were served wine and appetizers from Tellers, an excellent Lawrence restaurant in an old bank building downtown.  (I was reminded of its former life when I went through the vault door to go to the bathroom.)

I hurried home because Carole and Ray are home back from their honeymoon and  were stopping by.  They had a great time in New Orleans and surrounding area. 

I will put up links to programs for the photo books soon.  I should help Ray and Carole make a photo book of their wedding!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Local Fall Color

I'm always studying maps and fall color web sites to figure where we should go to find color.  These pictures were taken right here at home.  Still, I'm hoping for one more leaf peeping trip.