Saturday, September 25, 2010

KSU wins in last minutes of game

The last minutes of today's win against University of Central Florida were so exciting I almost couldn’t watch.  But I did and sure am glad.  The dramatic last second touchdown was right in front of our seats.  

The rest of the game it seemed they just weren’t in the grove.  But, it’s a check in the win column and that is all that matters.

Dwight & Cheryl Wicker were given tickets by a friend and thought of us.  We gave up our season tickets to KSU football several years ago, but they knew we still like to be where the action is. 

When we left home this morning, the last thing I thought we would need today is rain gear.  Wrong.

This wall cloud came in from the north.


The stadium was emptied because of lightening.  We saw friends sitting under the upper deck overhang so we waited it out there.

By the third and fourth quarters, the sun and sun screen was out.  What a day and win.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Evening enjoying Bluegrass

In my opinion, there is no better live music concert than good bluegrass.  Tickets are surprising affordable as are the popcorn and homemade pie.  At least that was how it was Thursday night in Valley Falls, KS.

 The Special Consensus, a bluegrass band “with an attitude” based out of Chicago played there on a layover from Missouri to Colorado.  The audience was receptive and warm.  The fact that this band is incredibly talented isn’t the only reason.

All bluegrass music enthusiasts in the region are familiar with the talented Faris Family.   According to their web site, they have now retired as a touring group.  Rick Faris, who primarily played guitar in their band,  now plays mandolin with the Special Consensus. 

The impressive talent bios of Rick and the other members of the Special Consensus show solid background in all music.   They play traditional bluegrass as well  swing renditions of big band numbers. Bluegrass and swing?  It is a beautiful combination.   Also, on their web site, I highly recommend listening to their number, “Land Up in the Air” for a no instrument gospel song that highlights the tight harmony in all their songs during the evening.  In addition many of their songs were original, written by the obviously young members of the group.  Perhaps the reason for their self-described “attitude.”   Maybe a more modern beat but with traditional undercurrent.

After the break, in a surprise move, four of the Faris family members came up to the stage and played two numbers.  I think most of the audience were long time friends of the family and their performance brought cheers with a standing ovation.

The program kept its upbeat tempo right up to the end making us feel fortunate to have been a part their layover in the Faris family stomping grounds.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Traveling with a toothbrush

This morning I had my twice yearly dental exam and teeth cleaning appointment.   Other than a small cavity that needs to be fixed,  they said my teeth look good.   I like those kind of compliments because at my age,  everything else isn’t looking so good.

Last time I visited my hygienist, she encouraged me to purchase a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush.  If you click on the link, you will see they are an electric toothbrush gone wild.  Although a bit pricey, I feel it has been a good purchase.  And, it didn’t seem like she worked as long at cleaning my teeth today.

Anyway, we were talking about how long these appliances can go before needing a recharge which is good for travel.  Then she said in passing that she always stores it in her luggage if she is staying in a motel room more than one night.  I said it was probably smart considering the price of replacement.  She said, “No, its because of what might be done with it while you are gone.”


She said this is a true story because it happened to her friend.  When they returned home from a trip and developed pictures on a camera they left in the motel room, there were pictures of various things being done with their toothbrushes. 


She didn’t elaborate.  She just said after that, she locks up her toothbrushes. 

There you go.  If it isn’t bed bugs, it’s toothbrushes.  Crazy.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Will someone explain this to me

Why do people find it necessary to deface and do disgusting things in public restrooms. 

As anyone who follows my ramblings knows, we travel to Colorado regularly.  Also, manage to take several roadtrips a year in addition.  Finally, we live approximately 30 minutes from most shopping so a trip to “town” more often than not means a trip into a public restroom. 

Is there a secret pac among some individuals to bust door locks, hang on doors until they are askew, throw used toilet paper on the floor or just use the floor or hit at the flush mechanism until it is broke.  Adding to that, there is putting a whole roll of paper in the toilet so it clogs then keying anything painted.

I’ll never forget one time I walked into a bathroom & someone had smeared you know what all over, mirrors, walls, floor—all over. 

McDonalds don’t seem to have as much destruction.  They tend to build their stalls like jail cells, though.  And, they must have someone patrol often.  Still, today, there was a McDonalds that had taken a hit.  Wal Mart stores also fall in the same category although their door locks are often busted.

Kansas I 70 rest stops are surprising clean and fixed up.  I don’t know what to make of that because lots of travelers use these facilities.  The deduction might be that it is locals not passers through doing the damage.

The worst bathrooms are 24 hour filling stations.  Not the big truck stops, but the small ones.  And, if the entrance is on the outside, look out!

So, back to my original question. I would sure appreciate someone helping me understand.  Why the vandalism in public restrooms? 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday’s best

It hardly seems like Sunday because everyone is busy with projects.  Doug & Dan working on trimming the basement, Kim at class in Denver and Drue taking care of all of us including Trent, Carly and Evan. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day here and it looked like it was nice in Topeka as well.  We will find out soon enough as our visit is ending. 

Late this afternoon, we decided to take the kids to the park then eat at the La Casa Fiesta restaurant in Monument.  Delicious food but exceptional Margaritas.

Here is a picture taken  of Evan & Carly taken this afternoon.