Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful day in Monument

This morning Drue, Carly, Evan and I went to the Farmer’s Market in Monument.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.   So, I cannot post a picture of the puppies.  They were a Dachshund/Schnauzer mix.    Of course, we don’t need a puppy—we’ve got Skye, but is there anything cuter than a puppy?  There still were a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables available in the stands there.  

After lunch we watched Trent play soccer.  Check this view from our vantage point on the sidelines.   The field is at Trent & Carly’s school.  I don’t know where there would be a school with a more beautiful view.


I don’t know a whole lot about soccer,  but I thought Trent did a good job.  There is Pikes Peak in the background in the last picture.



After Trent’s game, we watched the KSU/Iowa State game that Doug had copied.  We didn’t know the outcome and glad we didn’t.  It was an excellent game and KSU did finally win. 

Doug’s belated birthday meal was a “shore lunch” of the fish Trent caught the last time they were back in Kansas.  The corn & tomatoes were as fresh and delicious as they looked at the farmers market.  Birthday cake and ice cream is the best dessert ever.


Besides Doug’s birthday, the other reason we are here is because Kim is in a course for Intramuscular Manual Therapy also know as Trigger Point Dry Needling.  Drue and I each had a treatment.  Me in my muscles in my upper back that even after a year without mail delivery are still tight.  Drue in her muscles associated with her running program.  An interesting treatment to watch and receive.  And, I do feel better as does Drue.  

Oh yes, besides all of that, Dan and Doug hung doors and put up trim in the basement.  It was a busy day.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Westward Ho

If you noticed my Twitter post earlier today to the left, the answer to what Buzz & Woody, audio book, sleeping and Real Simple magazine have in common is the four in the car headed to Colorado were each doing one of these.  Evan watching Toy Story, Kim listening, Dan sleeping and I nearly read an entire Real Simple. 

We arrived at 5:15 mountain time.  Evan was a trouper in his car seat.  He slept the last hour which was good.  He was pretty stoked about getting to come see Trent and Carly by himself. 

Kim will be attending a continuing education class and Dan will be helping Doug with trim work.  I’ll be doing things with the kids or just watching them do things with each other.  Either is great by me. 

I’ll try to send a few on the spot tweets, too.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skye’s Big Adventure

IMG_7548 - Copy

Skye will be 12 years old January 2011.  For the boxer breed, she is doing well.  They are prone to health problems.  Skye’s had her share.  As with most pets that live to a ripe old age, decisions are made along the line when health issues come up.  We have always decided it just wasn’t her time.

Last night, we thought the decision was made for us. 

Skye is, and always has been, terrified of thunder storms.  She gets herself all worked up by pacing around while panting with an exaggerated breathing.   Of course, you can’t reason with a dog.

Dan discovered he did not have an oil filter for the tractor and the oil was drained.  We decided to run to town when we thought the rain was over.  However, soon after we left, another storm moved in.  By herself and scared, she must have decided to find us.

When we returned from Lawrence, she was no where to be found.   I called all the neighbors and Dan drove around.  Then I drove around some more.  No Skye.

Around midnight, I got a call from a neighbor who was not home when I called so I left a message.  She said Skye is probably fine.  Someone who lives close to three miles north picked her up while passing through our area and had stopped by her house wondering about her owner.  I guess she was standing in the middle of the road wet with her tongue hanging out—panting.

With great thankfulness, we were able to pick her up this morning, alive and well.  She needs to get used to her collar so our number is with her at all times.   We called the vet today.  She said to give her a couple Benadryl if a storm is coming.  Ahh yes, why didn’t we think of that.

Wondering why we don’t just pen her up?  That’s another story. 

For now, I’m very glad she’s back. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where is this beautiful camp spot?



This is right here at home, at nearby Lake Shawnee.  We enjoyed a campfire, picnic and conversation overlooking the lake as the sun set.