Saturday, August 07, 2010

Fennel, Spice of Angels

We have lots of fennel in our flower bed.  We put it there because it is supposed to be loved by butterflies.  It must be.  Right now we have 29 caterpillars of various shapes and sizes on them.

Finnel, Spice of Angels is from the web site from which I took the following quote:

Fennel is an umbelliferous, perennial, aromatic plant indigenous to the Mediterranean and southwest Asia that grows to a height of 4-5 feet.  It was savored by the ancient Greeks and was spread throughout Europe by the Romans.   It has been utilized throughout history to treat an assortment of physical maladies.  It was also relied upon in medieval times to keep witches at bay.  Perhaps this is how fennel pollen, an expensive spice still popular in Italy, came to be known as the "Spice of Angels."

Well, at any rate, I am glad our resident butterflies found our plants. And, we’ll be free of witches to boot.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Catching up

North Fork of the White River is a five to six hour drive. We left last Saturday, a day earlier than necessary. We floated Monday and Tuesday and drove back on Wednesday. It was nice to take our time. I'll write more about the trip and post it on my travel blog.

So far, it is catch up around here. There were enough ripe tomatoes to fill a three gallon bucket. Same for ripe peaches. The grapes are also ripe but still on the vine. The late planting of green beans are ignoring the hot weather and setting on.

So, peaches are picked, peeled and frozen—enough for two desserts. Too bad we didn't manage the tree better. It was loaded, but we did not spray in a timely manner. Each peach had worms resulting in lots of waste.

Today I am doing something with the grapes. No wine making as I don't know how and don't want a lot of bad wine. I might freeze some of the juice for later. We don't eat much jelly, but could make some to give away.

The flavor of the tomatoes is excellent this year, but the vines are dying. We watered them last night. With all the rain, I can't see how being too dry should kill them.

Beautiful sunrise this morning—a good day is waiting.