Thursday, July 15, 2010

Corn Statistics

Maybe it’s our farm lineage, but Dan and I find growing times and yields of crops interesting.

We planted Syngenta brand Serendipity and Colonial sweet corn seeds.  It can be purchased online here under the Rogers brand.   It is delicious, sweet and produces big ears. 

Marc planted the 82 day Serendipity and 75 day Colonial for us on April 28, 2010, while we were off gallivanting around.  Last evening we harvested all the Colonial at 77 days.  Frankly, some of it was a bit mature so probably two or three days earlier would have been about right. 

We picked about half of the Serendipity also at 77 days and what we picked was just right but the rest needs about two or three days more. 

To make a short story long, as they say,  for this corn, the length of time until maturity as stated on the seed information was nearly to the day right on. 

The quality is very good, although a bit wormy for the Colonial.  Those worms might be because it was planted right beside the two short rows of very wormy early corn I planted to have ready on the 4th of July.  (No chemicals used on any of the corn)

Yield:  Two wheelbarrows full of corn cut off the cob made around 60 cups of corn.  Probably another wheelbarrow left—that is if the raccoons don’t find it first.  So far, no seed company has come up with a solution for that problem.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Next winter memories

Today will be a next winter memory.

Six months from now the Holidays are long over,  family and friends are hunkered down., not venturing out because of snow or ice or cold wind. 

I will be beside the warm stove and thinking about this day.  Here’s why.

Warm, not hot.  A little humid but a beautiful day with a slight northerly breeze.   A perfect summer day.

A windows-down car driving day. 

7:45 pm and sun is still only thinking about setting.

Walk out any door and see a flower bloom with possible butterflies or honey bees hanging around

Ditto hummingbirds at the window feeder.

Thinking Barn Swallow poop on vehicles beats ice any day

And, the number one reason I’ll be thinking  about this day six months from now

Fresh green beans and corn on the cob picked within the hour together with two ripe red tomatoes for our evening meal.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unexpected blooms

Last May I was offered an aloe vera plant that needed a home or otherwise would be trashed.  It lacked beauty but had a certain charm that made me put it in the car.  Also, I no longer have an aloe vera and they do seem to help burns.

Jump to July.  Here is a picture of the plant.


IMG_7452 Like I said….      But wait, what is that stem in the middle?


It’s a bloom.  I’ve had aloe vera plants off and on for years and never have I seen one bloom.


Today must be the day for surprise blooms.  My peace lily is sending up a beauty as are the strange plants in the exact middle of my geranium pots.  The lily regularly blooms, always beautiful.  The other plants could be weeds, but they are in the exact middle of the pots & I do remember planting something there last year.  The blooms are small but very pretty.  Maybe I’ll pamper them through the winter and let them take over the pots. 

Buying annuals already in bloom isn’t near as much fun as these little surprises.