Friday, June 25, 2010

Corn progressing


Still up for discussion whether we will have fresh corn on the cob for the 4th of July.  Only the first two rows on the left are early corn.  The rest on this patch and another patch with about as many rows will all ripen at the same time. 

That is…

if Mr. Raccoon doesn’t get to it first.  Expect Dan to be on alert guarding our crop.  Since we are “upland farmers” the raccoons don’t pass by as often.  Still, last year they found ripe ears.

Our one grape vine (white, no idea what variety) has done itself up good this year.  White grape jelly??  We’ll see. 

I’m picking green beans for a big pot of Sue & Linda’s Green Bean Chili for supper. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Eyes have it

My glasses broke several days ago.  The little pad (that I hate) broke off.  So, I went back to wearing my old glasses.  I love them.  They are so comfortable.

My last eye check up showed I needed very little change.  In fact, I probably didn’t need any change of prescription, but what’s an eye doctor to do?  You’ve got to make a small correction, right. I would have just said no to new glasses except my old glasses have little tiny checking in the lenses. It makes lights have a fog around them at night.  There is always a feeling they need to be cleaned, like they are dusty.  The lady talked me in to getting new frames too, of course.

Dan says he likes my old frames.   I’m trying to decide. 

IMG_7916_0011 - Copy

IMG_5245 - Copy

Old                                                                                                             New

Just looking at these pictures, I see why the bifocals are easier in the old, they sit lower on my face. 

As to how they look, I think I wore these new glasses for several weeks when I was working and no one even noticed they were different.  I have done the same thing.  Unless there is a radical change in frame styling, I don’t notice.  Maybe it’s time I get some of those big, black frames some are wearing now…

Or, just be happy with what I have and save a bunch of money…how can those little glass frames be so expensive?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Library concert exceptional

I get a monthly online newsletter from Lawrence Public Library. I noticed there was a concert scheduled featuring Stephanie Bettman, playing the violin and Luke Halpin on Mandolin, guitar and fiddle. I wrote a blog entry for the Lawrence Journal World about that concert last night.

Bluegrass with a bit of soul. Hybrid Bluegrass.

Our evening listening to Stephanie Bettman with Luke Halpin at the Lawrence Public Library Monday, June 21, 2010, wasn't about descriptive labels. It was about two musicians with amazing individual talent, combined to perfection. It was about original songs which included both tender and upbeat lyrics. And, finally it was about Stephanie and Luke as they bantered between each other and those of us gathered in the library auditorium.

Stephanie began their concert on a positive note by admitting despite wind, hail and heat, they love Kansas, especially the friendly people. That is from a native Californian. Perhaps their love for the region shows in their song list which contains traditional Midwest values in the lyrics. “Stiff Upper Lip.” “It All Comes Back to Love” with the words, “But the seeds of love are planted, and I know they will grow.” Songs performed last night and on their latest CD, “Beautiful Place” and “After the Storm” spoke to more than city lights and urban noise.

Also noteworthy, I feel it displays talent and confidence in playing and singing ability to not overload the audience with loud sound.What a treat to quietly hear very end mandolin chord.

Check Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin web site as well as their Facebook page. There are links to songs and appearance dates. Perhaps they will be near a vacation destination and would definitely be worth a stop. They are a part of a new trend in Home Concerts and as independent musicians, they are open for bookings.

Maria Butler of the Lawrence Public Library once again landed an excellent program often heard on a much larger stage. Check the Events Calendar on their web site for future similar bookings. I have never been disappointed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Party and water balloons

Here is the result of the “Cry Baby Water Balloon”


No one cried…

In fact, no one even got wet.  We all gathered for the big  splat and that big balloon just bounced off of Aaron’s head and fell on the ground, then broke. 

However, check what Adam has ready for the next encounter:

Adam water balloons 

It was a good party.  Here is birthday boy with his best friends:


Although, I think the guests are more interested in bunny ears over heads.

Tonight, the rest of the water balloon story.