Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring 2010



At 6:00 pm it is still coming down.  We have the stove stoked and settling in for basketball.

Speaking of KSU, this was at a Pilot truck stop in Westerford, Texas.  This is exactly as it was when I saw it—no tampering on my part.  However, that is not to say some KSU fan was there previously.


Friday, March 19, 2010

On a wing and a prayer

we blew in around 3:00 pm.  What a great trip. (I’ll recap later)

This was definitely a “road trip.”  We do enjoy that sort of trip.    Up until today, though, all of the miles since we picked up our new camper were with head winds.  It certainly made us appreciate our choice of the low profile camper as it was two days across parts of Arizona, all of New Mexico and past Dallas Texas with wind in our face. 

Yesterday when we left the Tyler Texas area, it was warm with a nice gentle breeze from the south.  Today, as the flags along the way  continued to point north, it pushed us along.  But, the forecast for our area is cold, snow and a brisk north wind.  We wondered when we would meet the welcome home front.  As it turns out, the northerner hit only five or so miles from our mailbox.  Ah, how nice it was to have a little help from a friend.

We’re still unloading and working on making sure the camper will not freeze tonight.  So, I’ll be writing more about the trip tomorrow.  It looks like I will have time if the snow falls as expected.