Monday, March 08, 2010

Bye Bye Roadtrek

It’s been a wild ride selling the Roadtrek.  As it turns out, people all around the United States are still interested in having Adventures despite economic hard times.

Spring 2010 trip 005

Despite many calls, we are extremely happy with our Trekker’s new owner, Diane.  We just think it was meant to be for her to have it.  When I saw this on her front bumper, I thought, “Yes, a person from our times.”  Trekkers are loved by elder and new hippies alike.


Trekker will be traveling to Montana for its new home.  And even more exciting, a published author is her new owner (links etc later).   I am so excited for their adventures ahead.

Spring 2010 trip 006

Here is Dan with Diane and Hannah, her daughter.  They are ready to take off for parts unknown. 

Good luck and happy travels, Diane and Trekker.