Thursday, March 04, 2010

Top Ten Clues there is about to be an adventure

10 Lists, lists, lists

9 Skye getting bath, nails clipped and pad cover washed

8 Washing clothes—all clothes

7 Cleaning house

6 Paying bills

5 Cleaning refrigerator of moldy leftovers

4 Returning overdue library books

3 Charging electronics

2 Finding the perfect writing pad and pen

And, the number one clue there is about to be an adventure

Going to bed at midnight and waking at 5:00 am and feeling fully rested

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feral Hog Check


A helicopter flew over the Wakarusa valley today with a USDA sharpshooter on board.  KS Wildlife & Parks were also involved.   When Dan checked, they had not found any animals but they were up about 30 minutes more.  They did see fairly fresh signs of rooting so will need to be diligent in the months ahead.