Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two faces of the honey locust tree


Notice the nice trunk.  This tree is planted in yards and in landscaping design.  It also would make nice firewood. 






Same honey locust species—same area.  Where the other tree is thornless, this one obviously has thorns all the way up its trunk as well as in the branches.  It is amazing it is still standing.  Dan hates them and swears to eliminate all from our land.  Can’t say I blame him.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cats excited about warmer weather

About two months ago, our friends Laura & James brought us two feral cats Laura rescued from the Kansas City area. Rescuing cats is something they do in their spare time. There is a population of feral cats in and around Kansas City. In some ways, they are good, specifically keeping rodents under control. However, they become over populated and that is not good.

Since we needed two cats for our barn, we accepted "Laura & James." They came to us neutered and with sack of cat food. We kept them locked in the barn for thirty days to get them "relocated." If we let them run, they would probably have tried to return to their home.

As these pictures show, they are feeling quite at home. The black one, James, is a bit tamer in that he will not run when he sees Dan come with the food. There is no way we can get close to Laura. (I took these pictures from the house).

It is fine with us that they do not want to come near the house. They have all the shelter, food, water and nesting areas they need in the barn. However, I am hoping by next summer, we will be able to at least get close to them.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Adam’s birthday

Adam’s birthday was Thursday, the 7th.  We were snowed in that day.  We could get out by afternoon, but by then the wind chill was below zero.

So, Adam’s celebration with us was this evening.  Delicious chili with the fixings.  We had fun, but I think everyone is ready to get back to a routine.  School was out for nearly two weeks for Christmas break.  Then they were back for a little over a week and another four-day break. 

IMG_5077IMG_5078  I would say Adam might be tired of the camera.