Friday, January 08, 2010

Here’s something that doesn’t happen often

Dan had to pick up a couple things in Wal Mart today and he received a 1955 D wheat penny in his change.  Anyone else had that happen—in the last ten years or so?

Several years ago, someone put money in their mailbox for stamps which included several wheat pennies.  I wondered today, just like I did back then, why the pennies were in circulation. 

There’s always the thought the jar of wheat pennies many people our age have collected over the years was used by mistake.  Or, they are coin collectors and already have enough and are giving someone else a chance. 

I did do a little checking.  The 1955 D is valued at three times face value.   Perhaps in a time when many don’t even bend over and pick up a penny up off the sidewalk,  one that is worth 3 cents would not be considered be a great keepsake.  However, some are worth more.  A 1914 D is worth $125 and an unmarked 1922 $415.  Most likely those are buried in collections.

In about 1975 our family went on a ski trip to Colorado.  When we returned, our house had been burglarized.  I lost my wedding ring (which I didn’t wear for fear I’d lose it) and Dan lost a very respectable coin collection he had worked on for years.  He never got back into it after that.  It was fun to find the wheat penny in change today, though.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Winter, Kansas style

I’ve been thinking lately about the Snow Birds who leave for warm weather in the winter. 

First, I wonder if those who generally wait until after the Holiday are stuck in Kansas this year.  How would it be to pay to hold a place in south Texas all year only to be snowed in here.  We did have a couple days reprieve so maybe they were able to go.

Second, I’ve also been wondering if we would like to leave the cold behind for shirt sleeve weather ourselves. I talked to our friend Kay in Phoenix and she said it is warm there.  Lynn, her husband, was playing in a tennis tournament today.  It all sounds tempting.

Here’s the deal, though.  I like winter.  Even all those years on the mail route didn’t turn me against it.  I will say, watching the snow out the window is quite lovely from my chair in front of the wood stove. Still, we’ve been out quite a bit cutting wood and other things.  I load up with layers of warm clothes and all is well.

Now, check in with me in March.  That’s when we told Kay & Lynn we might come down to see them.  Then I am tired of winter and ready to get back on the road.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Snow cover brings new bird sightings


This fuzzy picture is as good as I could do by taking the picture through the window.  The new sighting in the center is a Refus-Sided Towhee, a new one for us.  There is another bird back and to the right that I thought we’ve seen before, but I can’t find it in my pictures.

Here is another picture of the mystery bird

IMG_5008 IMG_5027

The first she/he is in the middle and the second off to the left.  Sorry for the bad pictures.