Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One more year to see a launch

Chip and his Monarch Watch crew just returned from Florida where they watched their butterfly caterpillars take off into space.

I attended a quickly called Friends of Monarch Watch meeting last evening where we heard first hand about the experience.  Of course, the three had guest passes and were able to view the launch from the closest anyone can get which is three miles. 

Being able to see the astronauts close up as they loaded and observe the pre liftoff countdown is not open to the public, but the butterfly crew did say there are observation points available a little further away that are available for any of us to use.

2010 is the last year with limited number of lift offs left in the program.  After hearing how exciting it was to watch, listen and even feel the liftoff, I am wondering if this should be the destination of a roadtrip next year. 

Here is the official patch of this mission.  If you look closely, are thirteen stars, one for each of the astronauts children.  I was given a pin like this for helping with the project.  I wear it with pride as we follow our Monarch project in space.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


Over the years I drove many miles each day with the window down.  Consequently,  my work clothes consisted of warm layers including a sweatshirt.

Today I unloaded my winter clothes storage container and reloaded it with summer things. After laying everything out on the bed, I realized that I have a lot of USPS sweatshirts. 

Looking over my array of warm clothes got me to thinking about transitions.  There are some that come around each year such as moving warm weather clothes out and cold in with the seasons.  Moving the clocks to daylight savings and back each year.  However, a transition into retirement from a long time job usually only happens once.

I have happily gone into my retirement.  I enjoy all  it involves.  However, when I looked over my old post office sweatshirts today,  I actually felt sad.  Maybe not quite finding the right time and place to wear these old warm buddies will help me get rid of them. 

But, for now, I think I’ll keep them on the shelf one more year.