Friday, November 13, 2009

Can a caterpillar turn into a butterfly in space?

I've spent the past two days working on a project to see if there could actually be a Monarch butterfly floating about in space. I wrote about it here.

This package contains the actual experiment that will be carried on the space shuttle IF (and it's always a big if) it launches as scheduled, Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pictures Out of Control

I like to take pictures. 

As a matter of fact, I will take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for their patience,  especially Dan.  He is so good about “flipping a U” so I can capture what I think is a great shot by the road and waiting for me to attempt the perfect angle of every wildflower and waterfall on our roadtrips. 

I purchased my first digital camera sometime in 1999, around the time our first grandson was born. So, I have digital pictures through all five grandchildren.  Not to mention trips, gatherings and, oh yes, mailboxes.  I have lots of pictures of mailboxes.

fall 039a_01

This picture was taken at least five years ago.  I found it to post on here in less than a minute.

The reason I found it so quickly is I am organizing all my digital pictures.  Over the years they were haphazardly thrown on a separate hard drive where there may be dates on the files—maybe not.  And definitely not always in the same place.  At one point, my camera was not set correctly and the built in information on the pictures is not correct.  Crazy to see a baby picture with the date that shows up when you hover over a photo two years before he was born.

Personally, I like to work with pictures on the hard drive.  Double clicking on a picture opens in an editing program, but I do not use it to organize them.  I like to have total control over that function.

The first phase is labeling the folders consistently with the year, month, description in that order.  That way, when the computer automatically files them, they fall in a logical order. Make sure all single digit months have a zero in front (January is 01).  This works well for me because I tend to take pictures by time rather than subject.  However, I am also grouping some together by subject and then year.  For instance, Christmas folders are “Christmas” first then year.  That way, all Christmas folders will be together.  Same with Easter, 4th of July, and, of course, mailboxes.

The next step will be to clean out the folders.  Get rid of duplicates, delete bad pictures and double check labeling.  Perhaps even sub organize in the folder.  For instance, spring mailboxes, summer, etc.

Maybe it’s time to start actually printing some of these pictures.  I’m thinking of making a album of only Christmas pictures.  It would be fun to get it out during the Holidays, then add to it before putting it away. Let’s see, I could also make a birthday album for each child, or maybe flowers or sunsets.  I am not a scrapbooker so will be cramming as many pictures in as possible.

And the family thinks I am out of control taking the pictures.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kim


I’m not saying how old.  But, for people who know, Jack Benny and Kim would be the same age.  She is celebrating with her boys today.