Thursday, October 01, 2009

Cascina Papaveri

Sue, Kim and I are enjoying every aspect of opportunities here at the Poppy Farm in Piemonte region of Italy.  Cooking is one of our favorites.  I have more pictures, but the battery is down on the camera.  Check tomorrow night. 


Patio with valley in background (better picture later)






Monday, September 28, 2009

Cascina Papaveri

The Poppy Farmhouse

All went well on our journey from the coastal regions of Cinq1ue Terre and the Italian Rivera to the central Piemonte region of Italy. 

We are guests of John and Robin Sims, owners of the Poppy Farmhouse.  Our introduction tonight was a four course dinner consisting of fresh stir fried peppers,  hand made pasta, lemon cream chicken and wine & cooked cream dessert (there is a name but can’t come up with it).  We have a delicious week ahead of us.

John also said we will be sampling wines from local vineyards.  It is true, the wine here is very good.

We will also have the opportunity to have a “Cooking Experience.”  This is not a cooking school.  We participate as much as we want.  There will be more about this.  Hopefully, with pictures.