Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Want a challenge? Try printing labels from a list

We are planning a little get-together to celebrate the completion of our concrete project.  And, our retirement.

The invitations must be in the mail  before the Big Trip.  I have the addresses gathered on a Open Office Spreadsheet.  Even though I lost Microsoft Office with the new computer, Open Office, a free program, has actually worked great.  I thought it would be no problem, then, to merge the addresses onto labels when I started the project at 9:00 pm.

Most people would have seen the light at 10:00 pm, when I had printed the second set of instructions from the help menu and still hadn’t figured out what I was supposed to do. 

No, not me. 

So, when it all came together at 1:00 am, it was not a feeling of accomplishment. Rather, I thought it was not only dumb that I hadn’t just started writing the addresses by hand, but even dumber that I had wasted that much time with something I probably won’t use again before I forget how I did it.

Interestingly enough, sometimes I accuse Dan of taking more time to set up his tools to accomplish a woodworking task than it would take to just do it by hand.  It must be something about personal interests.  Reminder to self:  Back off the tool thing with Dan. 

Bottom line, I did get the labels complete.  This morning I am a bit bleary eyed but satisfied that I can get these in the mail before I leave. 

If you want to try printing labels yourself, especially with Open Office,  let me know.  I can trim about 3 1/2  hours off your  time.