Friday, September 11, 2009

30 years of stuff

When we moved here 31 years ago last month, we lived in my folks’ 5th wheel camper, and we stored all of our possessions in a metal building that we put up before starting on the house.

This was quite the adventure.  Sometime I will write about it in another post. 

At the time, we did not put concrete in the building because we just weren’t sure about the final expenses with building the house.  We thought if there was enough money left, we would put the floor down later.

Fast forward 30 years.  Still no floor.  And, now there are also 30-year  accumulations of stuff.  Somehow, with no concrete floor, it never really was organized.  We are in the process of going through it, recycling, dumping and organizing.  The concrete floor is finally going in.

For me, it can be an ordeal to go through things. I made the mistake of opening one storage box yesterday.   It contained old books belonging to my brother and me.  Also, letters I wrote the folks over the years.    An hour later, no work was done, and I was still going through that box.  That’s when we decided we needed to wait—just move the stuff and sort later. 

If you follow me, you know the back half was poured several weeks ago.  The front is due to go in next week.  It’s going to be so nice.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Celebration of Life


These five ladies are some of my favorite people, and they are my 1st cousins.  That is me on the right.

Saturday, we gathered to pay tribute to their Dad and my Mom’s brother.  The service was lovingly led by my niece, Rev. Amy Kay Pavlovich.  Memories of Uncle Oscar by his daughters were touching and honest.  He led a hard working, often colorful life. 

Uncle Oscar lived to be almost 97.    He was a handsome young man and the pictures of he and my pretty mom brought tears not of a life cut short, but rather how even a long life in the end seems short. 

I am reminded once again to live with love including thoughtfulness of others, adventures leading to self discovery and keeping family close by in my heart if not in miles.