Monday, August 31, 2009


Tonight I am thinking about magnets.

By the way, did you know that holding a strong magnet in each hand will make fillings hurt? I swear that happened to me tonight while I was trying to pry a couple strong ones apart. Seriously.

Anyway, why am I thinking about magnets?

Of course you know we have the little RV. Bouncing down the road causes problems with anything not anchored down. Nearly every time we travel, something sails on to the floor. Hopefully, the pre-departure safety checklist  that will be kept near the drivers seat will help. Magnet.

I like to use the silver window coverings whenever possible to block heat/cold and damaging rays. The windows are all odd sizes, so I cut custom shades for the van. I thought holding them in place was going to be a problem. Hope, magnets.

The designers of our RV missed the fact that reflections from a mirror located inside are confusing to the driver when checking traffic. I purchased a hand towel and made a little covering that fits the mirror beautifully. Hmmm, how to hold it where it belongs? Why of course, magnets.

In case you haven't checked magnets lately, there are little tiny ones (smaller than a dime) that are crazy strong—get some, they are inconspicuous and strong enough to do the job. After much trial and error, the hot glue gun is the perfect adhesive.

I had the glue gun fired up this evening. Everything went great, except, I ran out of magnets.

By the way, Dan says I must have got that hot glue gun too close to my brain because magnets won’t make fillings hurt.  I don’t know, though….

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Plenty to celebrate

Here's the rundown since the big concrete pour last Thursday. Friday evening we helped Dan's brother and his wife celebrate 30 years in the ministry. Saturday afternoon and evening we helped our neighbor's daughter celebrate her marriage. We're still celebrating our new barn floor. It was a happy weekend.

And, the weather is absolutely beautiful.

The tomatoes might not agree. I have always heard that tomatoes like hot and somewhat dry weather. Our plants this summer would confirm that. They are slow to ripen.  Some of the vines seem alright, but others are losing their leaves. Thankfully, we have plenty of plants which are producing plenty tomatoes. I've canned 15 one half pint jars of pizza sauce. Tomorrow will be another round of pizza sauce plus spaghetti sauce. I have jars all over my counter waiting their turn.