Monday, July 13, 2009

Freezing Corn on a Hot Day

Almost two bushels of corn and that is probably half of it.  Time to begin the harvest that started here.

Our process:

First, Dan locates our propane turkey fryer.  Last year we purchased a big stainless steel stew pot which will provide boiling water to blanch the corn.   I dig out a huge muck bucket, scrub, run a disinfectant clothe over it and rinse again just to make sure.  I add three gallon milk cartons of ice and water.

The sooner you can get the corn from the garden to the table (freezer) the better.  So, we pick and immediately shuck and wash the corn to get as many of the hairs off as possible.  By then, the water is boiling.  The pot has a basket so we fill it half full and drop in the boiling water.  Most information says to blanch sweet corn four minutes.  That time seems too long for our tender ears. We end up leaving them in for only one minute.  In that time, they taste done. 

They immediately go into the ice water.  After time to cool, we slice kernels off, bag and into the freezer.   

Kim, Marc and the grandboys arrive to help around 3:00 pm and by 5:00 we were mostly done except for the cleanup.  It went smoothly and will be even quicker now that we have the routine. 

I’ll bet memories of the hot day along with the tasty home grown corn will add a little warmth to cold winter days ahead.