Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Recycle Place (dump)

Be honest now, have you ever been to a dump?  I am guessing most have only experienced big bins with signs and sliding doors where you gently pour in aluminum cans and bottles. The "recycle place" we visited today is not an actual dump. They do not accept garbage.

IMG_2066  No tidy bins here.  This is only a very small portion of the pile.  A man using a high loader was shoving it around.  Not sure why, maybe just to show us he could.








Old things meant to float and soak are awaiting their fate.


IMG_2072There is a crusher.  Ready for their final trip were neat piles of four cars each. 

We had 1,340 pounds of iron (don’t ask).  At $55 a ton, it netted $43.  We had 4 pounds of copper at $1.60 a pound, $6.40. 

The the most surprising:  24 pounds of aluminum at 20 cents a pound.Not too long ago it was 50 cents.  

Monday, June 08, 2009

Master Gardener Tour

Saturday afternoon was perfect weather for the Douglas County KSU Master Gardener Tour.  The landscapes were designed with flowers, yard art and water ponds/falls to create a overall exterior design.  Impressive.

The audio was recorded on our front porch.  We hope they make our home theirs.