Saturday, May 30, 2009

Retiring turned out to be fun!


I guess that figures.  Being a rural mail carrier has been fun.

Of course, I won’t miss the extremes: cold, heat, snow, ice and even rain. 

I will miss my friends and coworkers.  We had a fun, happy group. Lots of laughs and kidding around.

Four of us, five including the postmaster, moved like clockwork organizing 10 to 14 feet of mail per carrier each morning.  My clock seemed to slow down some in recent months, though.

So, “retired” is now inserted before rural mail carrier.  I’m good with that.  A former rural carrier used to say each day before we left, “have a good run.”

It’s been a good run.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Orange power


Copy of IMG_1828

Butterflies beat snakes anytime.  We talked about going back to the snake pond on the ATV, but rode around near home instead.  I spotted the flash of orange by the phlox.  Dan, ever patient with me and my camera, stopped immediately.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Roger, this is for you.

Copy of IMG_1788

Roger and Dan are first cousins. Roger’s mom and Dan’s dad are brother and sister. We liked this picture.

Just past the tree line is Milford Lake. Notice the flag over your brother’s grave, Roger. It indicates wind from the east—unusual for this knoll where wind direction is always noted. It never rained on us, but we could see moisture from the clouds in the distance.