Thursday, May 21, 2009

A good watch

I’m talking about a wristwatch.

An appropriate clock to strap on my arm needs to be big and backlit so I can see the time in the dark without glasses.  And it must withstand outdoor activities without looking like total (pardon me) crap.

Over the years I’ve had many watches that work well, but not one that possess all above prerequisites.

Last weekend while visiting Doug, Drue & family in Colorado, I happened to find Kim’s watch on the floor where most likely little Evan dropped it.  Hmmm, it looked promising.  Bonus-light weight.


Check out the large numbers. It has all the items listed above plus an alarm.  It has a nice blue plastic band and will clean up well. 

A perfect match for my lifestyle.

Not fancy, but looks fine.

$15 at the children’s display at Target.  Yes!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Short but Tweet…I mean Sweet

We did have a good time in Colorado.  I will take the Twitter update column off my blog since I’m home.  Tweeting the trip was a fun experiment.

I saw after I got home that a couple of my pictures did not make it to the update.  All of the information I sent was done by my cell phone.   I’ll post one of the pictures  below as it was important for the boys to stop. I hope you forgive the quality of the pictures, again all done by cell phone.

I am looking forward to summer and the possibility of picking up others doing the same as they travel on vacation.  Maybe I am the only one who thinks it is fun to read real time travel updates.

Sylvie, thanks for following—sorry we missed you at REI.  That would have been a big surprise.

Also,thanks Cindy, Linda and any others who followed along.  We’ll do it again sometime.  Meanwhile,  here is the picture.


Kansas Wind in Action

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