Thursday, May 14, 2009


Kim and I are making a quick trip to Colorado with the boys.  It should be fun, especially since we’ll see our family there.

I am trying something new.   I am Twittering the trip.  It will update on the left in real time.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Twitter, updates must be written in 140 words (including spaces). We’ll see how this works. 

For those who are tweeting already, if you type #lindasco on your post, it should show up on my feed.  I would love for anyone to jump in. 

Oriole visiting bird bath

Copy of IMG_1557

This might not seem like a headline to many who are fortunate to have these beautiful birds hang around their home.  It is, as far as we know, a first for one to act as if it might stay here for a while. 

Years ago, we lived in a wooded area.  An especially friendly oriole built her nest right by a window.  What a treat.  We haven’t had them where we live now probably because it is open around us.

Hopefully, that will change if Mr. Oriole likes what he sees. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday’s This n’ That

It was a good day. Stephanie, a substitute in our office, is learning my route. She cased all the mail for me. All I did was deliver. A short, although damp, day.

People are lining up waiting for me to retire. The days are flying by—they are excited for me to be gone. That is in a good way.

Speaking of retirement, tonight Carole and Jean from the office took me to dinner at Conrad’s in Overbrook, a small town diner with a lot of locals. Usually loud, with crispy on the edge burgers and homemade fries. And, smoky. Not the most healthy place to eat, but when it’s all washed down with a pitcher of beer, who can complain.

I dump my scraps, potato peals and such, out by the pines. All kinds of animals come in for a snack. Here is the most regular visitor. It’s a female, but not sure she has pups. She has become quite accustomed to being so close to the house—I’m not sure I am accustomed to having her so close by.

IMG_1519-1 copy

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wheel Bug Nymphs

IMG_1504 It’s incredible how different the front of our house looks.  We seriously trimmed the cedars.  They look much better, however, we still need to pull them all out and start over.  They are 30 plus years old and past their prime.  For now, they look OK.

There was a grossly overgrown Rose of Sharon that is now reduced to a stump.  As you can see in the upper right corner, it will be back in short order. 

We couldn’t identify the nest of bugs until Chip stopped by this morning.  They are wheel bug nymphs.  There is a better picture of an individual one here

For some reason, they like to sit on mailboxes.  Here is a picture from several years ago.

It’s sprinkling here so the whole project is on hold. 

I am having a great Mother’s Day.