Saturday, April 25, 2009

Asparagus – Daily Dose

Topeka PO 4-23-09 043-1

Sarah Henning’s “Asparagus Adds Tender Touch to Spring” made me begin to think of the many ways I use the abundance of asparagus harvested from the thirty-year old bed near the garden. Preservation has never been an option as it is best fresh.

I do have several more involved recipes. However, simple one or two ingredient dishes served as the main course are most often our choice. In additional to grilling as in the comments in the article, listed below are my suggestions on ways to fix the fresh asparagus purchased at the farmers market or cut from your own bed this morning.

Grill or stir fry asparagus in butter or olive oil for one to two minutes depending on size and seasoned with lemon pepper. Do not overcook—must be crispy. Mix or add at the last minute with:

Seasoned Pasta

Rice – real butter is the best here

Scrambled eggs and bacon

Mac and cheese

Potatoes slowly fried in olive oil


Fresh tomatoes lightly steamed and seasoned with basil

Broccoli, cauliflower, stir fried and steamed in beer

Don’t forget eating it raw--

Marinate whole stock in a good Italian dressing all day and eat as a finger food

Marinate cut up pieces in Italian dressing and throw on any fresh greens or pasta salad

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Topeka Post Office

The historical significance of this beautiful building is the trials and other happenings inside. I look forward to researching more details about the architecture.

The beautiful third floor court room no longer serves as a Federal court. A new building was built just east. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the east side. A plan for another post.

The most historic and significant happening in the building is the decision in the Brown Vs Board of Education ending discrimination in schools.

There was always a rumor that Hickock and Smith of “In Cold Blood” fame appeared before the Federal Court before their execution. Records indicate the trial was held in Garden City. Since they were incarcerated in Leavenworth, perhaps they were there on appeal.

Topeka PO

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Indian Fry Bread

For those looking for a recipe, unfortunately I do not have one.  This deep fried specialty has roots in family and tribal tradition and recipes are shared and passed down by members.

Barbara Goddard’s bread did not have yeast.  Self rising flower, sugar salt and water combined with lots of kneading made a exceptionally tasty flat but puffy round about the size of a small soft taco shell.  Barbara said her recipe is from her husband’s Cherokee family as well as friends from Choctaw and Creek tribes.  She combined all to make her own unique blend.

I ate two.  One piled high with taco ingredients and another hot and covered with honey.  Both delicious—very delicious.

Stull church serves a monthly money raising dinner currently to purchase furnishings for the new multipurpose building and then later for missions.  For me, tonight’s tacos on Tuesday was special because of Barbara and her friend, Kylie’s fry bread.    

Multimedia message

Indian fry bread at Stull UMC. Delicious

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Count me in!

This video aired on Topeka’s Channel 49 this morning.  I have two reasons for posting this link.  First, for those who don’t know, Kim Hoobler is our daughter.  Second, if a 90-year-old can do it, then so can I.

I am enrolling in a Pilates class this summer.  No excuse—I’ll have the time--I’m retiring, but that’s another post.