Saturday, April 18, 2009

Are they worth it?

We did find a few morels on Thursday afternoon.  Kim shared some that were given to her at work.  I fixed them last night.  And, they were very good.

Here’s why I asked the question as to whether they were worth it.  Ticks.  Deer ticks.  The same ticks that carry bad stuff.

Venturing out in the woods without thinking ahead of time about tick prevention is asking for problems. Even though finding a tick does not send me into a frenzy, they do carry lime disease, etc.  They also are as aggravating as a jigger bite.

I checked on a hunting forum for suggestions.  This person took, “one bottle of Duranon and a bottle of Buzz Away citronella bug repellent” on a Boys Scout hunting trip.  It proved to be 100% effective. 

I would like to make one more trip out for a mushroom hunt.  I’ll be looking for the chemicals today because, yes, I think one more batch of mushrooms is worth it. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Morel--although a bit pathic

I'll never tell

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This is our big afternoon find. There were probably about ten more around the area. Kim came down for about an hour--we found these within the first five minutes--then nothing.

My friend Linda asked if I was posting these "multimedia" pictures from my cell phone. Yes, that is my latest deal. Look out the next time we go on a roadtrip!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My "new" bike

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I purchased this bike last fall from a young lady in Lawrence. A friend of hers made it from old bikes. I fell in love with it immedately because of the colors. Notice the wide seat. To brake I peddle backwards Also notice the touring handlebars. It has one speed. I discovered tonight how out of shape I am. Either I get with it or I'll be pushing up hills. Thinking I will be pretty cool pushing, though.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Luna Moth


Luna moth, Moon moth, scientific name Actias Luna, this beautiful creature seems to have many names. 

Information found on the web site All About Luna Moths tells me the Luna moth has no mouth.  Its larva like hickory and walnut leaves but the adults are out of luck, eating wise.  It prefers to fly at night.

Perhaps its the flying at night that had him transfixed.  He sat on the windowsill while I folded clothes for a long time.  It didn’t seem interesting in going anyplace—perhaps waiting for the sun to go down.