Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fungus and Fire

It seems too cool for morel mushrooms.   Check this link for proof it is not too early.  He said he found them by the Kaw--we'll be checking the Wakarusa tomorrow.

There is about an acre patch of grass behind our house where there are so many granite rocks it cannot be mowed.  Each spring we burn and each spring I try to start wildflowers in the patch. There are some in there, but it would be nice to have a little path with lots of flowers.  This year I have some started on the porch.  I am taking a different tactic.

Just as Dan started the fire, a breeze came up.  It was totally self contained, but it is always a lesson in how quickly a grass fire will spread.

Burn 4-11-09 001-1

Friday, April 10, 2009


Some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now. 

Well, it’s true.  I am now twittering—although not much.  I usually post something a couple times a day.  Really, I rather follow other people’s posts.

As you have probably read, judges allow people to twitter from courtrooms.  I follow the Kansas legislature reporter and receive up to the minute reports from the statehouse.

John McCain tweets from all over the world.  Adventuregirl posts latest travel deals.  Ruralinfo directs me to  rural carrier news and cheapwinefinder links to good, cheap wines. 

What did I tweet today?  Well, you can click on the icon on the left and see.  I was waiting for homemade cinnamon rolls to bake, I was surprised how high the water flowed over the low water bridge and noticed tom turkeys were strutting. 

So, I am inviting you to sign up and twitter with me.  I would love to have someone I know to follow.  Search lindasbackroads

If you do decide to do this, I recommend this application.  You can minimize but it “tweets” when there is a new post from your followers.

OK, you can stop rolling your eyes now.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Identity compromised

From the time I bought my first computer, the internet has not scared me.  I install security and surf away.

So, I was totally unprepared when I was catching up on our checking account information and found that I had three charges of $500 each that were not mine.  I immediately locked down everything.  Took the day off yesterday (Monday) and went into the bank to see what needed to be done.

As it turns out, who ever was into my account also hit it for two additional charges each for less that $100—five total charges.

It was through Pay Pal.  Here is what I learned from this ordeal.

1. If you are setting up a verified Pay Pal account, open a new checking account with just enough money to cover transactions.   

2. All charges made on the internet should be done with one card.  Same as with the checking account.  Open one credit card that is used only for online purchases.

3. The bad guys are not as interested in our personal computer as they are the big companies.  Still, no one is free from risk. 

Monday, April 06, 2009

Taxes Complete!

Yep, all done.

An eventful day.  Let me just say in involves identity thief.  In the end, it has turned out OK, but still very disturbing.  It’s late so check back tomorrow evening.  I’ll fill in the details.