Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to Normal, whatever that is

The flying trip to Hermann Missouri last weekend threw my week off.  The trip was one of those last minute affairs I love.  (I’m about done with the write up—I’ll let you know)

Tuesday through today, I trained new rural carriers.  Leaving over an hour earlier in the morning and dressing up means more planning on my part and less computer time.  

Tomorrow it is back to the route, jeans and sweatshirt, and less talking in front of a group stress.  Give that a big Hallelujah! 

I found out by way of a comment on the Chocolate Wine slide show that there are professional photographers who specialize only on food. One pro wrote about taking pictures of strawberry cheesecake.  It is interesting, but the complexity of this undertaking is astounding.

Weather is taking a turn, but thankfully not nearly as bad as north of here.

Carry on.