Friday, February 13, 2009

An Essay on Love

Writing about love in six words is harder than is sounds.  Here is my post on the web page of the Lawrence Journal World about this interesting concept.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Watching People

is interesting.  Dan and I both enjoy this activity and can’t help doing it whenever given the opportunity.  It seems one of us is always waiting on the other when we shop.  

We also notice people in cars driving down the road, even going so far as to make up stories about them.

People watching is best done in a very public place.  Wal Mart is good.  As are farm stores and sports events. 

We ate breakfast last Sunday morning at the Golden Corral.  Now, there is a prime people watching place.  Everyone is in a good mood at GC because there is plenty of food. Smiles make people watching much more enjoyable. Also, I like the fact that people are dressed in all ways.  Everything from church clothes to something just above night clothes. 

If you enjoy intimate dining, GC is your place.  I don’t mean with your partner, I mean with other people.  The tables are so close you can hear conversations all over the place—another secret thing I like to do. 

We don’t go to the buffet all that often.  There is too much food.  Every time we do, we have the same conversation.  This place is the melting pot of the community.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Eagle helps with geese problem

Recently, I posted a video of geese on Lake Jivaro in Tecumseh, KS.  Obviously, there were a bunch of them.

There is one less now:


This was taken by our daughter Kim.  She said a pair of Eagles has been sighted at the lake.