Thursday, January 29, 2009

Currently Clutter Obsessed


Actually, this still looks cluttered, but you didn’t see it before.

One more day to tackle the room itself and I would be satisfied. For now, that will have to wait.

I wonder if other people my age go through phases of research. For me, currently it is getting rid of clutter and, after that, organization. The blog Time Goes By had an excellent post about this subject.

Before clutter, it was (actually still is) travel. Most of my magazines are travel type.

Health was before travel. Again, magazines and internet research. There was a time when I specifically searched menopause. That was after exercise but before nutrition.

I haven’t started retirement yet, that will be next.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ouch Ouch

Over all I try to make this a positive blog. However, sometimes I have to flat out whine (give me cheese with that, please).

As is the case with most anyone who works with cold hands, the ends of two fingers on my right hand are cracked. These are little bitty cracks, but they feel like gaping wounds. Well, that is an exaggeration, but they do hurt.

There are two positive things about my sore digits.

1. I applied Walgreens Maximum Strength Triple Antibiotic PLUS ointment then covered them with Walgreens Adhesive Bandages with flexible fabric. By morning they will be much better—that is until I bump them again.

2. I am taking the day off work tomorrow so the chance of that bump is greatly reduced.

Tomorrow will not be a sick day because of the tiny cracks in my fingers. Rather, it is a declutter day. I am getting up early and spending the entire day working in this office.

I look forward to seeing the top of my desk—check in, I might even post a picture to prove I did not play on the computer instead of clean the computer desk.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies

The Monarch Watch blog has this to say about NOVA’s program Tuesday night:

From time to time the monarch migration and associated conservation issues are covered in the national media, via articles in newspapers, magazines, and short clips on TV news programs. Overall, the coverage of the monarch story has been spotty bits and pieces, and Americans have not been exposed to an in-depth treatment of the amazing monarch migration, nor the people and cultures that encounter monarchs on their yearly north and south passage across the continent. This is about to change. NOVA’s The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies will be aired on PBS at 8PM (check local listings) Tuesday, 27 January 2009.

Monarch Watch’s main man, Chip Taylor, goes on to say,

“This program is an edited version of “Four Wings and a Prayer” - a Canadian/French film production based loosely on the fine book of the same name by Sue Halpern (get your copy of Four Wings and a Prayer at the Monarch Watch Shop).”

A high definition television has not found its way into our house yet. This would definitely be a time to have it.

Dan no show

We watched Extreme Makeover last night with eagle eyes, but no Dan.

I enjoyed the program because of the connection we have to Chapman. They did great things for the Tutwiler family, other families and the city as a whole. The program has it right in that regard.

I think it is sometimes a bit “over produced,” but I tell myself it is, after all, a television show and the main characters require face time. The Tutwiler’s story is touching. They are truly deserving.

However, I would liked to have seen more of the actual building of the house. I haven’t watched the program in a while. I thought they used to do that. It is such an unbelievable accomplishment.