Saturday, January 10, 2009

Full Moon

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By LindaK

Sandy at Stumbles tells us, "According to NASA, tonight’s moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than some other full moons of the year. That’s because the moon’s orbit is elliptical, and one portion of the orbit is about 31,000 miles closer to earth than the farthest part"

F5.6 ISO 100 Tripod and timer

Family Day

There were major sporting events today, but we saw two of the best. Aaron is in the Topeka Swim Club and he had a successful day. We watched his breaststroke and he did very well. We did not see him swim his best time or his team win the relay because we were watching Adam prepare to test for a Tae Kwon Do belt.

We are proud of Adam's discipline and ability to correctly do the moves.

It was cold and windy today. A big change from yesterday when it was warm enough to sit outside with no coat early in the day. Around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the layers were back on. Today was stocking hat and gloves all day.

We received a report from our Colorado family about the beautiful Telluride Ski area. It is familiar because of its popularity among celebrities. Doug said it is certainly remote, far removed from the highly populated front range. The annual bluegrass festival there has interested me but a long drive when there are plenty here in Kansas.

Not to be left out, here is Evan with his friend Sue.
Tonight is the January full moon. It is supposed to be the biggest moon of the year. Right now it is too cloudy, but it is supposed to clear off.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


To listen to the entire song, "The Wild Geese" by the Chieftains, click on the audio file on the left.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Goose Squatters

January is the month for the annual exams. I started off early with the mammogram and bone density. Next week is colonoscopy. I say, getm'done early. I think everything is OK, but never know for sure until they are read.

Kim called this morning indicating I should bring my new camera (more on that another time) and take pictures of geese on the lake.

Why not? I have the day off and the light is good so I throw camera paraphernalia in the car and take off. There are several good ones and I am thinking of making a little slide show. Will stick it up when (or if) I get it done.

Kim says they talk all night. We speculated they can't sleep so gossip about each other. Actually, Doug Stewart wrote in "No Honking Matter" for National Wildlife Magazine they are very territorial. The all night honking might be a group call. He also said they have can produce a pound of droppings each day. I guess when they feed in grain fields, they at least leave behind a little fertilizer.

I had fun taking their picture, though. And, they didn't seem to care much that I was there.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

What is it about calendars?

I think I post something here about my calendar each year. I really like them and they are important to me. I lamented one year I didn’t have one and here came a Saguaro cactus calendar in the mail from my friend Kay in Arizona. Kim is giving me her KANSAS! calendar for the kitchen this year.

On the wall in front of my computer is one of those big ugly desk pad calendars. It won’t be overlooked. After all, that is the point, not to miss important dates.

I wrote birthdays for the year today. When I write the birth date of each of the grandkids, the time of year and how it was to find out about the birth comes back to me. For instance, Evan, our youngest, was the only one I saw immediately after birth. When Doug called to say they were on the way to the hospital with Carly, he said something like he thought Drue was in labor and I heard her in the background say very loudly that she definitely WAS in labor. (She had Carly within an hour of reaching the hospital!)

Of course, it is always fun to remember my own kids and their birth day as well as all those celebrations.

I still put our parents’ birthdays on the calendar even though we have lost three of them. When their day comes around, I like to remember them. My Dad always loved his birthday and that is probably why, especially in his later years, we had memorable celebrations.

So, there is another year hanging on my wall. This will be an important year. I have several goals concerning weight (high school class reunion coming up this summer) and remodel work on the house. There might be another major change for me this year. I am considering retirement in 09. Of course, Dan and I will take several trips and we are starting to think about those.

Last year flew by—I’m trying to slow time down. It’s hard. Each day is special but they go by too fast.