Monday, December 22, 2008

Chapman Valley Manor

Rhea over at The Boomer Chronicles perked me up after undoubtedly the heaviest mail day of the season.

Her post was about a site provided by the Government which lists and rates nursing homes. I typed in Junction City’s zip code 66441 here to see how homes compared within a fifty mile radius. I was not surprised to find Mom’s home, Chapman Valley Manor has five stars and is the highest in the area.

Both of Dan’s parents were there as well as Mom now. She is in good hands

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Party's over

The day was a success for two reasons.

First, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Since I have a way to seat everyone, it falls to me to host the office Christmas party. This is actually a lot of fun because the people are like family. Everyone arrives and pitches in with the cooking. We usually have a theme. Last year was Frogmore Stew. This year it was an old-fashioned fried chicken dinner. We fried six chickens, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, homemade rolls, strawberry Jello with bananas, coleslaw and pie for dessert. We tried to keep it simple and it was delicious.

The second reason the day was a success is that the house is clean. It feels good to get the whole thing done at once.

I guess today is the winter solstice so the sun is about as far south as it will get. Our house is a bit odd in that all the living area is on the south and the bedrooms are on the north, the idea being to take advantage of passive solar. Today was a example of how much energy is available in solar power. The temperature was around 12 degrees and other than early this morning, we didn’t put any additional heat in the house all day. It was all sun heated.

The chamomile tea I fixed when set down to write this has kicked in. I think I will go to bed. Most likely tomorrow will be the biggest mail day of the season.