Thursday, October 09, 2008

Proud Mary will never be the same

Thank you Sue and Blake for the opportunity to hear a legend. It was a great evening.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Can we make a difference?

Economic news is our country’s obsession. Personally, I hang on the advice of “experts,” while listening for stock market quotes and bailout legislation.

Today, as the stock market fell into the cellar even further, I felt hopeless. It is too big a problem for one individual to make a difference. Then I had an idea.

Savings bonds.

From a beginning as “baby bonds” during the depression, they grew up to become the popular war bonds during WWII. Savings bonds gave people with modest incomes the ability to help in the war effort while accumulating a modest savings.

What if every tax paying individual purchased a $25 savings bond, or more. How about a dollar for dollar reduction in our taxes for the bonds we buy.

Series EE are easy to purchase at any financial institution or online as small as $25. It is something we can do to help our country.

This is too simple—more than a little na├»ve. On the other hand…