Saturday, September 13, 2008

Geezer--closer than I think?

This morning, Times Goes By alerted me that published a large Geezer issue. I don't consider myself a "Geezer", but perhaps I am closer than I think because I recognize the old songs.

Anyway, here are the...Greatest Songs about Aging and Mortality

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scenes we should never forget

It’s been seven years since I’ve made myself watch movies taken September 11th. Here and here are two.

Not only the visual but the commentary of those taking the videos is sobering and profoundly moving. Of course, we know two additional planes were also headed for destruction. We all remember the feelings of disbelief and sadness.

Thousands died. Trust was broken.

My thoughts continue to be with families and our Nation forever changed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grumpy post

Pictures were promised, I know. There are two reasons why they are not here.

First, for some reason, my computer hookup is about the speed of dialup. It’s 9:30 pm and everyone is checking their emails before getting ready for bed. This would be understandable, but I am paying for a business worth of bandwidth. Not home, but business. I am paying $20 more each month for more speed—supposedly. Well, to make a short story long, I can’t upload the pictures.

Second, I am going to bed because I feel sick. Actually, I hate that word and try with all my might not to be sick. However, I do have a cold and I am coughing my head off. I probably could work, but have a year’s worth of sick leave that I’m going to lose when I retire. That is unless the Senate passes a bill giving us a percentage of that time on the end of our work years. The House has already passed it, but time is running out for the session. I guess that is another story.

Night Night

Monday, September 08, 2008

Kansas State Fair 2008

The Kansas State Fair is a yearly event for many families. We attended when I was a young kid, a break before fall harvest. As a teenager, it was 4-H judging and clothes construction style contests. It wasn't too many years until we began taking our own children toting 4-H entries and public demonstration equipment. Full circle, this year we were with our grandchildren.

The fair is food. And we manage well in that respect. I’ll just do a food rundown: Fried green tomatoes, Pronto Pup, hog dog, BBQ beef sandwich, nachos, cotton candy, chipped ice drink, hot apple strudel and cherry cobbler alamode, a couple of funnel cakes, ice cream cone, malt and drinks. No one said healthy eating was part of the fair.

In-between eating, the boys ride the Farris wheel, White Water, bungie jump, and Aaron rides the Mega Loop all by himself.

We look at farm equipment, listen to music, marvel at outstanding 4-H entries, and see a “rocket” take off at the Cosmosphere presentation. Oh, can’t forget the biggest pumpkin at 652.7 lbs and the butter carving masterpiece.

I wonder if the exhibitors are the same as 50 years ago. A tired vaccum cleaner salesman perks up as we approach, but we avoid eye contact and he settles down, obviously too tired to rein us in. I like to stand off to the side and watch the people who demonstrate the latest must-have cleaning or cooking tool and their audience. Reminding me of a card dealer at a casino, the crowd watches the demonstrator's amazingly quick hands work the product. Then, just when they think, "I don't need that," extra gadgets are added to the pot and the money flows.

We didn’t shake hands with a politician (too crowded) nor sit elbow to elbow with an arm wrestler. We didn’t purchase a delicious looking ear of corn, nor ride the sky ride. We missed the kids tractor pull and pig races. There is always next year.

What we did do is enjoy a day of Kansas State Fair 2008. And, there is a week left.

Great fair, great day. Pictures tomorow.