Friday, May 30, 2008

Fish Tale

Napoleon said “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If I could post a picture of the fish that took my bait two nights ago. No words would be necessary.

The fishing trip was a spur of the moment. Our evening meal was over and Dan decided to check the pond since the recent rains. I decided to tag along with my rod and reel and a dozen worms from the garden.

We started catching fish immediately, perch and one small bass. Several of the perch approached a pound, but I think they might have been females with eggs. It was getting dark when my line took off across the lake. This was not a perch.

I let the fish have it. Actually, the drag was set so loose that the line reeled out with no problem. I gently brought it back toward shore, when it took off again. This happened four or five times.

It was this point we realized we forgot the net. I had wader boots on so the thought was to get it close to shore and then I would wade out and grab the mouth. I wanted to assess what I was grabbing, though.

The fish was getting tired and was able to get it close enough to see what was giving me the fight. Wow! I had caught one of our grass carp or White Amur. We had stocked the pond at least five years ago with five of these pond cleansers. We had spotted one last summer swimming close to the surface but had no idea of its size.

According to Wikipedia, White Amur are named after the Amur in Northern China where they were believed to originate. They can grow ten pounds a year and eat up to three times their body weight daily of fresh water vegetation.

This fish was at least eight pounds. It was that eight pounds that decided it didn’t want to get its picture taken and took off again, pulling the hook right out of its mouth.

I let you in on a little secret. That night, chartreuse jigs with a worm caught the biggest fish of the evening.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

What a great weekend. The weather was nearly perfect, the food was excellent and best of all, our entire family enjoyed it together.

Our Colorado family arrived Friday in time to celebrate Aaron’s 9th birthday with tacos and cupcakes.

On Saturday, there was a fish fry, including extended family. Sunday Dan and I made the traditional roast beef and mashed potato Sunday dinner. Monday was more hanging out and sandwiches. Despite all the delicious food, water was the focus of the weekend. Water skiing, water play, and fishing. Dan and I did not get in the upper sixty degree water, the kids seemed not to notice and everyone else had fun anyway.

Thanks to Kim & Marc who hosted most of the weekend. Their access to a lake makes for a perfect place for warm hearts and sunshine.