Friday, April 18, 2008

Small Town has PRIDE

Wilson, Kansas, population 800, has pride.

With declining school enrollment and more than one-third the commercial downtown buildings vacant, David Criswell, President of Wilson PRIDE, Inc. decided to write a grant to the Case Foundation, an organization committed to helping cities achieve sustainable solutions to complex social problems.

Recently he was informed his city made the Top 20 out of 4,641 applications. Not only is Wilson the smallest community in the Top 20, but the only one in the middle of the US. Other finalist cities include Denver, Colorado, Vancouver, Washington, Chicago, Illinois and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Placing in the Top 20, awarded the city of Wilson $10,000, which Criswell says, “We will use to do an aggressive community outreach, visioning and goal setting project.”

If the grant entitled “Wilson For The Ages” gets enough votes to make it to the Top four, they will get an additional $25,000, a significant achievement for a small town midway between Salina and Russell on I70.

Wilson needs our on-line votes to compete against the big cities in the competition.

Voting is simple. Click here on Case Foundation, vote for four, placing Wilson first, and follow the commands. To record your vote go to your email in-box and click on the link sent to you by the Case Foundation. Hotmail and gmail type accounts might not work. Your internet carrier issued email address is best. Votes must be confirmed by April 22, 2008.

I hope you will help Wilson, Kansas achieve their goal.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Morels Yet

It rained off and on all day today. Not a pouring rain, but more like a drizzle. The temperature hovered around 60 degrees, so it was tolerable.

Our now Tecumseh family (previously Salina) wanted to return a trailer so we decided to combine their visit with a mushroom hunt.

All the signs are right:

1. Asparagus is peeking up, actually I think I could have cut a few stocks
2. Nighttime temperatures hovering around 50 degrees
3. Damp and warm during the day
4. May apples are up
5. See a man parked near a creek slyly putting a bucket in his trunk

Unfortunately, we did not find any mushrooms. We ended up soaking wet and cold. It is hard to come away from a mushroom hunt skunked (defeated), but in the end we decided we were a bit early.

We will be looking again. We want the little boys to have the thrill of finding those elusive morels.

Where did we look? Sorry, no one gives away their mushroom hunting location.

Monday, April 14, 2008

How do they get there?

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By LindaK
It is always a surprise when a bright spring flower shows up all by itself along a gravel road on my route. My guess is a squirrel. Or, maybe a lone bulb fell out of the sack. It doesn't matter as I enjoy their cheery nod the short while they come out of hiding.