Thursday, February 07, 2008

Weather--a matter of perspective

Today someone commented this weather seems like 1950s winters when we were kids.

I had to agree on this assessment. Just as now, I remember the snow and cold back then as unrelenting.

I do wonder, though, if our memory is always accurate. Perhaps it is a matter of perspective. Somewhere in my mom’s old photos is a picture taken on my birthday. I would say we are probably in the fourth grade, which would make it 1956. We are in “dress up clothes” looking like four young adult women in our high heels and hats. We were standing by a snowdrift that was taller than we were. (I should try to find that picture)

Of course, we were shorter, thus perspective. I bet our kids would say there was more snow when they were young than now too.

I am sure there are statistics available from the weather service on amounts of snow through the years. Remembering is more fun than tables.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Message to elders shows respect

Last Sunday morning I made the trip to Chapman Valley Manor to visit Mom. I had my usual chat in her room when I heard a beautiful hymn sung by an equally beautiful voice.

Mom did not feel up for church and in fact had fallen asleep. Drawn by the music, I made my way to the area. Sure enough, it was Dean Porter, a long time Chapman resident and soloist.

After two hymns, Rev. Trickle from Chapman United Methodist Church began his sermon.

He preached like the room was a big church. He walked among his little congregation with Bible in hand and talked forcefully. His message was about the need to stay positive. To have a bright outlook on life. Of seeking a “mountain top experience in faith.” He quoted an example of an acquaintance of his who visited an elder church member in a care facility when he was feeling down. This woman without fail cheered his day. He said each of them had this ability to help others.

I was touched by not only his message but his attitude of respect for his audience by acknowledging they have a viable place in society.

And, reminding them despite their confinement, they do have much to give.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

I love birthday parties

Isn't it the about the best thing in the world to be told you are better than a zoo on your birthday?

And is there anything funnier than candles that won't blow out.

I had a very special birthday party.