Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas list revisited

Back in December I made a list of goals for the holidays and announced I would grade myself on accomplishing said goals.

Right now I am asking myself why. Maybe if I made it public they would more likely get done--who knows. Anyway, here are the results:
1. Do not over eat--yeah, right. F
2. Get enough sleep--yeah, right. F
3. Write thank you notes in a timely manner-- could have been more timely B
4. Try a new recipe--I actually tried making chili with a recipe and it turned out quite good, I'm counting it. A
5. Visit co-worker in care facility--I really wanted to do this and still will, only didn't get it done over the holidays. F
6. Stay positive and cheerful at work--pretty good B
7. Keep up with blog--some lapses B
8. Fix nutritious meals--many lapses C
9. Walk on treadmill--darn this was a big one. Did it twice F
10. Be organized--does wrapping a package in the car on the way to a function tell you anything. F

They way I figured it D+ If anyone else can make it better, let me know.

I did have a lot of fun and only gained a couple pounds. Let me check back on them in, let's see, hmmmm, June. Can she loose those pounds, etc.? We'll see.